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  1. We compare the health-related quality of life (QoL) of patients with incision hernias before and after surgery with two different techniques.

    Authors: Andrija Antic, Stefan Kmezic, Vladimir Nikolic, Dejan Radenkovic, Velimir Markovic, Ilija Pejovic, Lidija Aleksic, Zlatibor Loncar, Svetlana Antic, Jelena Kovac and Ljiljana Markovic-Denic
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:99
  2. Inversion deformities caused by insufficient medial support are especially common when the PHILOS locking plate is used to treat proximal humeral fractures. Using finite element analysis, we aimed to compare t...

    Authors: Dong Li, WenXue Lv, WenMing Chen, Jing Meng, Song Liu, ZongKang Duan and Bo Yu
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:98
  3. From a biomechanical point of view, pedicle screws (PS) are better than other kinds of screws for implantation in the seventh cervical vertebra (C7). However, the application of PS is limited because of the hi...

    Authors: Huan Liu, Zhi-Yong Zhou, Jia-Xu Wei, Ming Zhang, Meng Bai and Ai-Bing Huang
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:96
  4. Sigmoid volvulus is a common cause of emergency surgical admission. Those patients are often treated conservatively with a high rate of recurrence. We wondered if a more aggressive management might be indicated.

    Authors: Zoe Slack, Mohamed Shams, Raheel Ahmad, Roshneen Ali, Diandra Antunes, Abhishek Dey, Mahul Patel, Amanda Shabana, Giles Bond-Smith and Giovanni D. Tebala
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:95
  5. It has been previously reported that inflow occlusion does not affect postoperative outcomes in hepatocellular carcinoma patients. However, for patients with ruptured hepatocellular carcinoma(rHCC), the effect...

    Authors: Feng Xia, Zhiyuan Huang, Elijah Ndhlovu, Mingyu Zhang, Xiaoping Chen, Bixiang Zhang and Peng Zhu
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:94
  6. This study aimed to compare the prognostic significance of pre and postoperative lactate levels and postoperative lactate clearance in the prediction of in-hospital mortality after surgery for gastrointestinal...

    Authors: Min Kyu Kang, Seung-Young Oh, Hannah Lee and Ho Geol Ryu
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:93
  7. Accidental ingestion of fish bone is a common cause of otolaryngological emergency. Migration of the ingested bone into the thyroid gland, however, occurs very rarely. The associated clinical presentation, sym...

    Authors: Anne Hendricks, Michael Meir, Mohammed Hankir, Christina Lenschow, Christoph-Thomas Germer, Michael Schneider, Armin Wiegering and Nicolas Schlegel
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:92
  8. Upper extremity deep vein thrombosis (UEDVT) is relatively rare but cannot be negligible because it can cause fatal complications. Although it is reported that the occurrence rate of UEDVT has increased due to...

    Authors: Leo Yamada, Motonobu Saito, Hiroya Suzuki, Shotaro Mochizuki, Eisei Endo, Koji Kase, Misato Ito, Hiroshi Nakano, Naoto Yamauchi, Takuro Matsumoto, Akinao Kaneta, Yasuyuki Kanke, Hisashi Onozawa, Hiroyuki Hanayama, Hirokazu Okayama, Shotaro Fujita…
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:91
  9. The introduction of energy devices has significantly expanded the scope of surgical expedition. The LigaSure™ vessel sealing system is a bipolar electrosurgical device, recently introduced to our practice. Its...

    Authors: Olalekan Olasehinde, Afolabi Owojuyigbe, Adekunle Adeyemo, Arinzechukwu Mosanya, Olurotimi Aaron, Funmilola Wuraola, Temitope Owoniya, Temilola Owojuyigbe, Olusegun Alatise and Adewale Adisa
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:90
  10. Over the past few decades, surgery for Hirschsprung’s disease (HD) has evolved into a minimally invasive, single-stage procedure with excellent outcomes. Intraoperative frozen section biopsy is critical for th...

    Authors: Samuel Negash, Hanna Getachew, Dagnachew Tamirat and Tihitena Negussie Mammo
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:89
  11. In contrast to open-surgery abdominoperineal excision (APE) for rectal cancer, postoperative perineal hernia (PPH) is reported to increase after extralevator APE and endoscopic surgery. In this study, therefor...

    Authors: Tatsuya Manabe, Yusuke Mizuuchi, Yasuhiro Tsuru, Hiroshi Kitagawa, Takaaki Fujimoto, Yasuo Koga, Masafumi Nakamura and Hirokazu Noshiro
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:88
  12. Robotic-assisted pancreatic surgery is limited to specialized high-volume centers and selected patient cohorts. Especially for patients with a history of previous abdominal surgeries, the standard procedure re...

    Authors: Paul Viktor Ritschl, Hannah Kristin Miller, Karl Hillebrandt, Lea Timmermann, Matthäus Felsenstein, Christian Benzing, Brigitta Globke, Robert Öllinger, Wenzel Schöning, Moritz Schmelzle, Johann Pratschke and Thomas Malinka
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:86
  13. Thoracic spinal stenosis (TSS) caused by ossification of the ligamentum flavum (OLF) is generally treated by surgical decompression. In this study, we compared the efficacy and safety of percutaneous endoscopi...

    Authors: Feng-Kai Yang, Peng-Fei Li, Chen-Tao Dou, Rong-Bo Yu and Bin Chen
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:85
  14. Although hysterectomy is one of the most frequently performed gynaecological surgeries, there is a dearth of evidence on perioperative care. The aim of the current study was to identify sociodemographic, surgi...

    Authors: Suzanne J. Dedden, Esther V. A. Bouwsma, Peggy M. A. J. Geomini, Marlies Y. Bongers and Judith A. F. Huirne
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:84
  15. Preoperative deep vein thrombosis (DVT) of the lower extremities delays surgery in patients with femoral shaft fractures and impairs functional recovery. However, studies on preoperative DVT in patients with f...

    Authors: Weijie Yang, Qun Wei, Haicheng Wang, Kai Ding, Ming Li, Chao Li, Chunhui Liang, Yanbin Zhu and Wei Chen
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:83
  16. Sacrocolpopexy is the gold standard treatment for apical prolapse. With the development of minimally invasive surgical techniques, the new approach of transvaginal single-port laparoscopic sacrocolpopexy (TS-L...

    Authors: Junwei Li, Yizhen Sima, Changdong Hu, Xiaojuan Wang, Zhiying Lu, Keqin Hua and Yisong Chen
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:82
  17. Management and axillary staging of breast cancer has become less invasive and more conservative, over the decades. Considering Z011, axillary lymph node dissection (ALND) can be avoided in T1-2 N0-1 breast can...

    Authors: Mahtab Vasigh, Seyed Mostafa Meshkati Yazd, Mohammadreza Karoobi, Reza Hajebi and Adel Yazdankhah Kenari
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:80
  18. Several studies have assessed various clinical variables to identify risk factors for postoperative complications in patients with acute appendicitis. However, few studies have focused on the relationships bet...

    Authors: Mikito Mori, Kazuo Narushima, Atsushi Hirano, Yoshihiko Kano, Fumihiro Chiba, Yoshihiro Edamoto and Masahiro Yoshida
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:78
  19. Humeral nonunion with significant bone loss or shortening is uncommon and poses a complex clinical problem. We present a case of humeral nonunion with a large segmental bone defect treated with the distraction...

    Authors: Qiyu Jia, Yanshi Liu, Abudusalamu Alimujiang, Jian Guo, Dongsheng Chen, Yingbo Wang, Aihemaitijiang Yusufu and Chuang Ma
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:77
  20. Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) has been widely used as an alternative for thoracotomy, but the reported incidence of chronic postsurgical pain (CPSP) following VATS varied widely. The purpose of t...

    Authors: Yingying Zhang, Rong Zhou, Bailing Hou, Suhong Tang, Jing Hao, Xiaoping Gu, Zhengliang Ma and Juan Zhang
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:76
  21. Acute kidney injury (AKI) is a serious complication that often occurred after acute type A aortic dissection (ATAAD) surgery. Previous studies proved that the Kidney Disease Improving Global Outcomes (KDIGO) d...

    Authors: Zhigang Wang, Min Ge, Zheyun Wang, Cheng Chen, Lichong Lu, Lifang Zhang and Dongjin Wang
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:75
  22. The Fisch infra-temporal fossa approach (Fisch’s method), first proposed in 1970, is commonly used during internal auditory canal (IAC) surgery with an approach that advances through the middle cranial fossa. ...

    Authors: Ying Guo, Mengxing Li, Kailiang Cheng, Youqiong Li and Qingjie Ma
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:74
  23. The perioperative morbidity after pancreatoduodenectomy (PD) is mostly influenced by intraabdominal complications which are often associated with infections. In patients with preoperative biliary drainage (PBD...

    Authors: Colin M. Krueger, Sophia Chikhladze, Ulrich Adam, Maciej Patrzyk, Axel Kramer and Hartwig Riediger
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:71
  24. Infectious aneurysms are rare in clinic with poor therapeutic outcomes. When artery rupture occurs, the disease tends to progress resulting in a high mortality, and there remains no ideal treatment.

    Authors: GuiFeng Sang, XiaoYan Guo, GuoLong Liu and HaiJie Che
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:70
  25. After severe trauma of lower limbs, bone, tendon or plate graft exposure is common. The traditional repair method is to use a variety of skin flap transplantation to cover the exposed part, but the wound often...

    Authors: Yong Li, Zhi-bo Zhang, Ji-song Liu, Zhu-min Wu, Xin-cheng Sun, Yu-tin Zhao and Xiang-zhou Zhang
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:69
  26. Periprosthetic hip infections with severe proximal femoral bone loss may require the use of limb salvage techniques, but no agreement exists in literature regarding the most effective treatment. Aim of this st...

    Authors: Nicola Logoluso, Francesca Alice Pedrini, Ilaria Morelli, Elena De Vecchi, Carlo Luca Romanò and Antonio Virgilio Pellegrini
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:68
  27. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the safety and efficacy of single-site laparoscopic extraperitoneal hernia sac ligation with an epidural needle for incarcerated ovarian hernias in infants and young c...

    Authors: Yun-jin Wang, Liu Chen, Qi-liang Zhang, Jian-qin Zhang, Xu Cui and Chao-ming Zhou
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:67
  28. The objective of this study was to evaluate the outcomes of surgical treatment for T-shaped associated with posterior wall acetabular fractures using combined surgical approaches and its influencing factors.

    Authors: Yun Yang, Chang Zou, Yue Fang and Sujan Shakya
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:65
  29. Hydatid cyst is a zoonotic disease caused by the parasite Echinococcus granulosus. The tapeworm larvae can create cyst in different areas of the body, especially the liver and lungs; however, the formation of the...

    Authors: Mojtaba Ahmady-Nezhad, Ramin Rezainasab, Armin Khavandegar, Samaneh Rashidi and Sanaz Mohammad-Zadeh
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:64
  30. The incidence of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) requiring surgical treatment in older patients has been continuously increasing. This study aimed to examine the safety and feasibility of performing laparoscopi...

    Authors: Kazuteru Monden, Hiroshi Sadamori, Masayoshi Hioki, Satoshi Ohno and Norihisa Takakura
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:63
  31. Surgeons have widely adopted endoscopic suturing techniques using conventional laparoscopic instruments and the more advanced robotic systems. The FlexDex is a novel articulating laparoscopic needle driver pro...

    Authors: F. J. Voskens, E. M. van der Schans, J. P. Ruurda and I. A. M. J. Broeders
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:59
  32. Retroperitoneal non-pancreatic or idiopathic pseudocysts are very rare lesions. This case report aimed to present our patient and to check all the available literature on this kind of rare disease.

    Authors: Lotfolah Abedini, Reza Hosseinpour, Saadat Mehrabi, Safoora Hejazinia and Mohammad Javad Yavari Barhaghtalab
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:58
  33. Many assessment tools have been used to identify frail surgical patients. This study was designed to explore the prediction value of the frailty index (FI) for postoperative morbidity in older patients undergo...

    Authors: Chaoyang Gu, Anqing Lu, Chen Lei, Qingbin Wu, Xubing Zhang, Mingtian Wei and Ziqiang Wang
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:57
  34. The aim of the study was to analyse the outcome of open surgical, endovascular, and hybrid interventions in the treatment of acute (AMI) and chronic (CMI) mesenteric ischemia.

    Authors: Artur Rebelo, Marat Mammadov, Jumber Partsakhashvili, Carsten Sekulla, Ulrich Ronellenfitsch, Jörg Kleeff, Endres John and Jörg Ukkat
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:56
  35. Prepancreatic portal vein (PPV) is a congenital anatomical variant of the portal vein (PV). PPVs are extremely rare and generally classified into two categories, prepancreatic preduodenal portal vein and prepa...

    Authors: Taku Higashihara, Yasuhiro Morita, Tatsuya Hayashi, Makoto Takahashi, Norikazu Yogi, Shu Sasaki and Daren Zhou
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:55
  36. Salpingotomy may change the anatomical structure and patency of the fallopian tube, which may affect the fallopian function. This study is to investigate the clinical efficacy of preliminary hysteroscopic tuba...

    Authors: Qing Wu, Yanling Lin, Jing Zhang, Yun Zhou, Lifeng Chen and Tan Lin
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:53
  37. The association between pancreatic fistula (PF) after pancreaticoduodenectomy (PD) and preoperative exocrine function is yet to be elucidated. This study aimed to evaluate the association between the preoperat...

    Authors: Hiroyuki Kato, Yukio Asano, Masahiro Ito, Norihiko Kawabe, Satoshi Arakawa, Masahiro Shimura, Daisuke Koike, Chihiro Hayashi, Kenshiro Kamio, Toki Kawai, Takayuki Ochi, Hironobu Yasuoka, Takahiko Higashiguchi, Daisuke Tochii, Yuka Kondo, Hidetoshi Nagata…
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:49
  38. Robot-assisted open surgery (RA-OS) is now commonly used in traditional open-exposure spinal screw placement surgery. With the help of robots, robot-assisted minimally invasive surgery (RA-MIS) can achieve les...

    Authors: Mingxing Fan, Yanming Fang, Qi Zhang, Jingwei Zhao, Bo Liu and Wei Tian
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:47
  39. A retrospective study compared the results of a lamina with spinous process (LSP) and an iliac graft (IG) as bone grafts in single-segment lumbar pyogenic spondylodiscitis (LPS) through one-stage-posterior-onl...

    Authors: Ke Tang, Weiyang Zhong, Xiaolin Wang, Xiaoji Luo and Zhengxue Quan
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:45

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