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Table 1 Summary of similar cases (post laparoscopic cholecystectomy hepatic artery pseudoaneurysm) reported in the literature

From: Delayed hemobilia due to hepatic artery pseudo-aneurysm: a pitfall of laparoscopic cholecystectomy

Author Age Gender Presentation diagnosis Time of presentation Procedure Outcome
Genyk YS [18] 57 years F Pain, UGIB and jaundice. HPA 2 weeks Embolization 2 year follow up
Jean-Denis Yelle, et al. [19] 48 years F Pain, UGIB. Contrast study of the fistula, ERCP& HPA NA Open laparotomy 6 month
Siablis D, et al. [7] 29 years M Pain, jaundice and UGIB. HPA NA Embolization Close follow ups
Sam T.M. Kwauk, et al. [20] 39 years F N\V, pain and jaundice. CT and HPA NA Selective embolization 4 month
Ribeiro A, et al. [4] 57 years F Pain UGI endoscopy, CT and HPA 13 months Emergent laparotomy. NA
de Blaauw I, et al. [21] 38 years F Pains and melena NA NA Emergent laparotomy. 7 month
T nicholoson et al. [22] 43 years F Hematemesis NA 43 days Embolization Well at 15 month
69 years M 10 days Well at 5 years
54 years F 5 days Well at 7 years
42 years F 8 days Well at 4 years
65 years F 18 days Well at 6 years
47 years F 6 days Well at 3 years
39 years M 7 days Well at 5 years
68 years F 9 days Well at 2 years
53 years F 12 days Well at 6 years
Dogru O, et al. [23] 62 years F UGIB Ultrasound and UGI endoscopy NA Exploratory laparotomy NA
Iannelli A et al., [24], 36 years F Not mentioned NA NA Selective embolization NA
G Roche-Nagle, et al. [25] 58 years F Pain, and vitally collapsed CT & HPA NA Exploratory laparotomy Uneventful recovery.
Mandur Ma et al. [15], 57 years M UGIB NA 2 weeks Embolization Well at 22 month
63 years F UGIB NA 4 weeks Embolization Well at 12 month
54 years M UGIB NA 3 weeks Ligation Well at 6 months
Nakase Y, et al. [26] 63 years F Pain and UGIB HPA NA Selective embolization NA
Masannat YA [27] 71 years   Not mentioned Angiogram NA Coil embolization NA
Srinivasaiah N [28] 57 years M Pain and hematemesis Ultrasound, CT and HPA 4 weeks Radiological intervention NA
Yao CA, et al. [29] 54 years M Pain, UGIB, and disturbed LFTs. CT. NA Angiography with embolization NA
Sansonna et al., [30] 44 years F UGIB CT 3 weeks Angiography with embolization Well at 2 weeks
Paseka T et al., [31] 51 years M UGIB CT & HPA. Months Exploratory laparotomy Well at 6 months.
AD Mate et al., [32] 45 years M LGIB HPA 15 days Emergency laparotomy NA
El Bouhaddouti, et al. [33] 50 years M Pain, jaundice and UGIB UGI endoscopy & HPA 3 months Emergent laparotomy. 1 year
Thamer A. Bin Traiki et al. [34] 65 years M Febrile (38.9 °C, (left brachial vein Thrombosis). CT, ERCP, & HPA. 4 weeks Angiography and embolization. well at discharge
Tun-Abraham ME et al., [35] 67 years M Biliary leakage, sepsis and late intra-abdominal bleeding CT. NA Angiography with embolization No evidence of recurrent bleeding
Abdallah S et al., [36] 40 years M Obstructive jaundice and pain CT & HPA. NA Selective embolization NA
Chih yang Hsiao et al., [37] 40 years M Jaundice, pain and oozing blood from drainage. MR & HPA. 2 weeks Embolization and angiography. NA
  1. Abbreviation definition: NA not available, UGIB upper gastrpintestinal bleeding, HPA hepatic selective angiography, ERCP endoscopic retrograde cholangiography, LC laparoscopic cholecystectomy