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  1. To explore the diagnostic value of high-resolution ultrasound combined with multi-slice computer tomography (MSCT) for pediatric intra-abdominal hernias (IAHs), and to analyze the potential causes for missed d...

    Authors: Lichun Hua, Yaqing Huang, Hui Liu, Jun Chen and Ying Tang
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2024 24:190
  2. To investigate the outcome and prognosis after Unicondylar knee arthroplasty (UKA) in patients with medial compartment arthritis of the knee combined with anterior cruciate ligament(ACL) dysfunction.

    Authors: Yonghui Qin, Jia Li, Guoxing Jia, Jun Li, Zhenshuan Zhao and Xiaoguang Yu
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2024 24:189
  3. Guidelines for thyroid surgery have evolved to reflect advances in medical knowledge and decrease the overdiagnosis of low-risk thyroid cancer. Our goal was to analyze the change made in operative thyroid mana...

    Authors: Clotilde Saïe, Victor Marchand, Jules Zhang-Yin, Vincent Ers and Etienne Mauel
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2024 24:188
  4. The descending genicular artery (DGA) and medial thigh region have been underused as donor sites for perforator flaps. This study evaluated the anatomical relationship between the perforators of the DGA and th...

    Authors: Xiaolong Zhang, Junyu Chen, Lebin Zhuang, Lingfei Ouyang, Weichao Gui, Zilong Yao, Bowei Wang, Ping Zhang, Bin Yu, Hua Liao and Jijie Hu
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2024 24:187
  5. Patients with gout are at risk for increased serum uric acid (SUA) levels and gout attacks in the short term after undergoing bariatric surgery, and the purpose of this study was to evaluate the benefits of sh...

    Authors: Ke Song, Ming He, Xiangxin Kong, Yin Xian, Yuan Zhang, Xing Xie, Sijun Xie, Aimei Jia and Yixing Ren
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2024 24:186
  6. Obstructive defecation syndrome (ODS) defines a disturbed defecation process frequently associated with pelvic organ prolapse (POP) in women that substantially compromises quality of life. Conservative managem...

    Authors: Claudia Rudroff, Joshy Madukkakuzhy, Alberto Vega Hernandez, Jakob Otten, Christoph Ulrici, Leonidas Karapanos and Sebastian Ludwig
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2024 24:185
  7. Colorectal cancer has created a significant burden worldwide, including in Iran. Open and laparoscopic surgery are important treatment methods for this disease. The aim of this study is to compare postoperativ...

    Authors: Zahra Jamali, Mahboobeh Pourahmad, Hajar Khazraei, Faranak Bahrami, Mohsen Bayati and Saeedeh Pourahmad
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2024 24:184
  8. The Russia-Ukraine war is associated with critical and severe thoracoabdominal injuries. A more specific approach to treating patients with thoracoabdominal injury should also include minimally invasive techno...

    Authors: Igor Lurin, Oleh Vorovskiy, Vitalii Makarov, Eduard Khoroshun, Volodymyr Nehoduiko, Andrii Ryzhenko, Stepan Chobey, Maksym Gorobeiko and Andrii Dinets
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2024 24:183
  9. Hepatectomy stands as a curative management for liver cancer. The critical factor for minimizing recurrence rate and enhancing overall survival of liver malignancy is to attain a negative margin hepatic resect...

    Authors: Vorapatu Tangsirapat, Malika Kengsakul, Suwasin Udomkarnjananun, Paiboon Sookpotarom, Mati Rattanasakalwong, Jantaluck Nuchanatanon, Panutchaya Kongon and Kitti Wongta
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2024 24:181
  10. Surgery had a significant impact on 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25-(OH)D) levels. Uncertainty still existed regarding the effects of peri-operative 25(OH)D deficiency on colorectal cancer (CRC) patients’ prognosis. T...

    Authors: Baojia Zheng, Jianchang Chen and Xiaohua Gong
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2024 24:180
  11. Adhesive small bowel obstruction (ASBO) is a leading cause of hospitalization in emergency surgery. The occurrence of bowel ischemia significantly increases the morbidity and mortality rates associated with th...

    Authors: Alberto Friziero, Eugenia Rosso, Irene Sole Zuin, Lorenzo Vallese, Simone Serafini, Alessandra Amico, Valeria Valli, Chiara Da Re, Nicola Baldan, Michele Valmasoni, Gianfranco Da Dalt and Cosimo Sperti
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2024 24:179
  12. This study aimed to examine the correlation between preoperative body mass index (BMI) and adequate percentage of total weight loss (TWL%) outcome and present evidence of tiered treatment for patients with obe...

    Authors: Guanyang Chen, Zhehong Li, Liang Wang, Qiqige Wuyun, Qing Sang, Jing Wang, Zheng Wang, Chenxu Tian, Chengyuan Yu, Buhe Amin, Nengwei Zhang and Qing Fan
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2024 24:178
  13. The objective of this study is to evaluate and compare the surgical outcomes and complications of Percutaneous Endoscopic Lumbar Decompression (PELD) and traditional revision surgery in treating symptomatic Ad...

    Authors: Jianwei Guo, Changlin Lv, Tianyu Bai, Guanghui Li, Xiangli Ji, Kai Zhu, Guoqing Zhang, Xuexiao Ma and Chong Sun
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2024 24:177
  14. Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy combined with fundoplication (LSGFD) can significantly control body weight and achieve effective anti-reflux effects. The aim of this study is to investigate the correlation bet...

    Authors: Xin Li, Aikebaier Aili, Aliyeguli Aipire, Pierdiwasi Maimaitiyusupu, Maimaitiaili Maimaitiming and Kelimu Abudureyimu
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2024 24:176
  15. Pancreatic cancer is often accompanied by wasting conditions. While surgery is the primary curative approach, it poses a substantial risk of postoperative complications, hindering subsequent treatments. Theref...

    Authors: Tara C. Mueller, Martin Henselmann, Stefan Reischl, Carsten Jaeger, Charlotte Trefzer, Ihsan Ekin Demir, Helmut Friess and Marc E. Martignoni
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2024 24:175
  16. The purpose of this study was to investigate effect of liver Transplants (LT) with retrograde reperfusion on early postoperative recovery of liver function and its risk factors.

    Authors: Jiajia Shen, Ming Wang, Chengkai Yang, Qiucheng Cai, Yi Jiang and Xiaojin Zhang
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2024 24:174
  17. Several studies have compared the pros and cons of simultaneous bilateral versus staged bilateral hip and knee replacement but the outcomes of these two surgical options remains a matter of controversy. This s...

    Authors: Umile Giuseppe Longo, Rocco Papalia, Alessandro Mazzola, Stefano Campi, Sergio De Salvatore, Vincenzo Candela, Andrea Vaiano, Ilaria Piergentili and Vincenzo Denaro
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2024 24:172
  18. The aim of this study is to investigate the effect of double-tract reconstruction on short-term clinical outcome, quality of life and nutritional status of patients after proximal gastrectomy by comparing with...

    Authors: Zi jian Wang, Zi yao Xu, Zi jie Huang, Li Li, Da Guan, Yun he Gao and Xin xin Wang
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2024 24:171
  19. To investigate whether simethicone expediates the remission of abdominal distension after laparoscopic cholecystectomy (LC).

    Authors: Yi Zhu, Jinjie Li, Ji Gao, Dousheng Bai, Zhengping Yu, Shengjie Jin, Jianfei Chen, Shuang Li, Ping Jiang, Zhong Ge, Minchao Liu, Chuandong Sun, Yongjie Su, Yubin Zhang and Yong Zhang
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2024 24:170
  20. Whether polyetheretherketone (PEEK) rods have potential as an alternative to titanium alloy (Ti) rods in transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (TLIF) remains unclear, especially in cases with insufficient ant...

    Authors: Jie Li, Shuai Cao and Bo Zhao
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2024 24:169
  21. Lymphatic leakage is one of the postoperative complications of neuroblastoma. The purpose of this study is to summarize the clinical characteristics and risk factors of lymphatic leakage and try to find effect...

    Authors: Jun Feng, Jianing Mou, Shen Yang, Qinghua Ren, Saishuo Chang, Wei Yang, Haiyan Cheng, Xiaofeng Chang, Zhiyun Zhu, Jianyu Han, Hong Qin, Huanmin Wang and Xin Ni
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2024 24:168
  22. Kidney transplantation (KT) improves clinical outcomes of patients with end stage renal disease. Little has been reported on the impact of early post-operative surgical complications (SC) on long-term clinical...

    Authors: Michelle Minkovich, Nikita Gupta, Michelle Liu, Olusegun Famure, Yanhong Li, Markus Selzner, Jason Y. Lee, S. Joseph Kim and Anand Ghanekar
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2024 24:165
  23. As a minimally invasive procedure, laser hemorrhoidoplasty (LHP) can not only relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoids, but also protect the anal cushion structure. This study aimed to investigate the clinical effi...

    Authors: Lei Jin, Kaijian Qin, Renjie Wu, Haojie Yang, Can Cui, Zhenyi Wang and Jiong Wu
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2024 24:164
  24. Abdominal perineal resection (APR) of rectal cancer, also known as Mile’s procedure, is a classic procedure for the treatment of rectal cancer. Through the improvement of surgical skills and neoadjuvant therap...

    Authors: Jun Ma, Daibin Tang, Yuquan Tang, Datian Wang, Peng Jiang and Yaming Zhang
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2024 24:163
  25. To compare the efficacy of nadroparin and fondaparinux sodium for prevention of deep vein thromboembolism (DVT) in lower extremities after total hip arthroplasty (THA) and total knee arthroplasty (TKA).

    Authors: Xiang Gao, Xiaowei Jin, Rui Huang, Zhenxing Li, Hanle Zhang and Pei Fan
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2024 24:162
  26. Because the cases are quite scarce, we aimed to review cases of foreign body impaction penetrating the neck through the esophagus to analyze the characteristics of these cases. The open surgery skills of the s...

    Authors: Feng Xu, Na Shen, Danzheng Liu, Ting Zhu, Liang Xue, Xuemei Luo and Xu Zhou
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2024 24:161
  27. Hydatid disease, endemic in Mediterranean countries, primarily affects the liver, but can manifest in diverse organs. Non-hepatic and non-pulmonary cysts often pose diagnostic challenges. This study examines p...

    Authors: Cherif Mona, Mesbahi Meryam, Khedhiri Nizar, Benzarti Yazid, Amal Amara, Zaafouri Haithem, Hadded Dhafer and Ben Maamer Anis
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2024 24:160
  28. Waiting time for emergency abdominal surgery have been known to be linked to mortality. However, there is no clear consensus on the appropriated timing of surgery for gastrointestinal perforation. We investiga...

    Authors: Junghyun Lee and Chami Im
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2024 24:159
  29. This study analyses the association between hospital ownership and patient selection, treatment, and outcome of carotid endarterectomy (CEA) or carotid artery stenting (CAS).

    Authors: Andreas Kuehnl, Michael Kallmayer, Bianca Bohmann, Vanessa Lohe, Rebecca Moser, Shamsun Naher, Felix Kirchhoff, Hans-Henning Eckstein and Christoph Knappich
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2024 24:158
  30. Fractures involving the posterior acetabulum with its rich vascular and neural supply present challenges in trauma orthopedics. This study evaluates the effectiveness of 3D printing technology with the use of ...

    Authors: He Zhang, Hong-Peng Guo, Rong-Da Xu, Si-Yu Duan, Hai-Rui Liang and Zhen-Cun Cai
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2024 24:157
  31. Hypoalbuminemia and anemia are commonly observed indications for one anastomosis gastric bypass (OAGB) reversal and remain significant concerns following the procedure. Sufficient common channel limb length (C...

    Authors: Elyas Mostafapour, Masoumeh Shahsavan, Shahab Shahabi Shahmiri, Noura Jawhar, Omar M. Ghanem and Mohammad Kermansaravi
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2024 24:156
  32. The relationships between preoperative cervical spine range of motion (ROM) and postoperative cervical sagittal alignment (CSA), and clinical outcomes after laminoplasty (LMP) have been widely studied. However...

    Authors: Chengxin Liu, Xiangyu Li, Wei Wang, Bin Shi and Shibao Lu
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2024 24:155
  33. Hemifacial spasm (HFS) is most effectively treated with microvascular decompression (MVD). However, there are certain challenges in performing MVD for HFS when the vertebral artery (VA) is involved in compress...

    Authors: Lei Shen, Jingyi Yang, Runqi Cheng, Chuqiao Yue, Tiansheng Wang, Songshan Chai, Yuankun Cai, Yixuan Zhou, Dongyuan Xu, Yu Lei, Mengyang Wang, Zhimin Mei, Jingwei Zhao, Xuan Dai, Bangkun Yang, Jincao Chen…
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2024 24:154
  34. The objective of this study is to identify and evaluate the risk factors associated with the development of postoperative pulmonary complications (PPCs) in elderly patients undergoing video-assisted thoracosco...

    Authors: Guang Feng, Yitong Jia, Guanxu Zhao, Fanqi Meng and Tianlong Wang
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2024 24:153
  35. This study explored the optimal time interval between staged bilateral total knee arthroplasty (BTKA) to minimize early complications of the second TKA and maximise the long-term function of the first and seco...

    Authors: Feng Ji, Zhenguo Zhao, Lei Zhang, Tongkai Liu, Baoqiang Xu, Wei Li, Shuai Yang and Tianrui Wang
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2024 24:152
  36. Postoperative delirium (POD) is a common complication after major surgery and can cause a variety of adverse effects. However, no large-scale national database was used to assess the occurrence and factors ass...

    Authors: Rui Liu, Ningyuan Liu, Shanlian Suo, Qinfeng Yang, Zhen Deng, Wei Fu and Min Wang
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2024 24:151
  37. To investigate whether the mixed approach is a safe and advantageous way to operate laparoscopic right hemicolectomy.

    Authors: Shun-Yu Deng, Mao-Xing Liu, Pin Gao, Cheng-cai Zhang, Jia-Di Xing, Kechen Guo, Kai Xu, Fei Tan, Cheng-Hai Zhang, Ming Cui and Xiang-Qian Su
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2024 24:150
  38. Transcanal endoscopic ear surgery (TEES) reportedly requires a long learning curve and may be associated with more complications and longer operative times than microscopic ear surgery (MES). In this study, we...

    Authors: Atsushi Fukuda, Shinya Morita, Kimiko Hoshino, Keishi Fujiwara, Yuji Nakamaru and Akihiro Homma
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2024 24:149
  39. Complications after laparoscopic liver resection (LLR) are important factors affecting the prognosis of patients, especially for complex hepatobiliary diseases. The present study aimed to evaluate the value of...

    Authors: Wei-Feng Yao, Xiao-Kun Huang, Tian-Wei Fu, Lei Jin, Cheng-Fei Du, Zhen-Yu Gao, Kai-Di Wang, Mu-Gen Dai, Si-Yu Liu, Jun-Wei Liu, Cheng-Wu Zhang, Lei Liang and Dong-Sheng Huang
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2024 24:148
  40. Surgical interventions are more effective than nonsurgical approaches in providing a cure for stress urinary incontinence (SUI). In this study, we aimed to assess the benefits of tension-free vaginal tape (TVT...

    Authors: Jie Hui Wang, Lai Lai Fan, Ying He Chen and Yi jun Wang
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2024 24:147
  41. Delayed gastric emptying (DGE) commonly occurs after pancreaticoduodenectomy (PD). Risk factors for DGE have been reported in open PD but are rarely reported in laparoscopic PD (LPD). This study was designed t...

    Authors: Lingwei Meng, Jun Li, Guoqing Ouyang, Yongbin Li, Yunqiang Cai, Zhong Wu and Bing Peng
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2024 24:145
  42. The mortality rate associated with open abdominal surgery is a significant concern for patients and healthcare providers. This is particularly worrisome in Africa due to scarce workforce resources and poor ear...

    Authors: Ronald Okidi, Vanusa Da Consolacao Sambo, Isaac Okello, Doris Amarachi Ekwem, Solomon Ekwang, Fiddy Obalim and Willy Kyegombe
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2024 24:144
  43. The debate surrounding factors influencing postoperative flatus and defecation in patients undergoing colorectal resection prompted this study. Our objective was to identify independent risk factors and develo...

    Authors: Shuguang Yang, Huiying Zhao, Youzhong An, Fuzheng Guo, Hua Zhang, Zhidong Gao and Yingjiang Ye
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2024 24:143
  44. The optimal approach for ensuring both complete resection and preservation of anal function in rectal gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST) remains unknown. The aim of this study was to clarify short-term and ...

    Authors: Chikara Maeda, Yusuke Yamaoka, Akio Shiomi, Hiroyasu Kagawa, Hitoshi Hino, Shoichi Manabe, Chen Kai and Kenji Nanishi
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2024 24:141

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