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Table 2 Clinical characteristics of three subglottic PGs subtypes

From: Pitfalls in the management of subglottic paragangliomas at unusual location: a case report and literature review

Tumors Tracheal PGs Thyroid PGs Mixed type
Symptoms Dysphagia, pain, cough, hemoptysis or stridor Asymptomatic Dysphagia, pain, cough, dyspnea, hemoptysis, or stridor
Signs Red and smooth subglottic mass Neck mass Subglottic and neck mass
Location Intraluminal Extraluminal Both intraluminal and extraluminal
Treatment Tracheostomy and laryngotracheal reconstruction Thyroidectomy Thyroidectomy, tracheostomy and laryngotracheal reconstruction
  1. PG paraganglioma