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Table 2 Self-reported use of mesh to repair an incisional hernia with a 10 × 6 cm midline fascial defect by Canadian general surgeons

From: Wide variation in surgical techniques to repair incisional hernias: a survey of practice patterns among general surgeons

Use mesh for repair  
 Yes 98%
 No 2%
Location of the mesh  
 Sublay (intraperitoneal) 46%
 Inlay (retrorectus & preperitoneal) 48%
 Onlay (above the fascia) 6%
Type of mesh  
 Permanent 95%
 Synthetic absorbable 2.5%
 Biologic 2.5%
Type of permanent mesh  
 Light weight 47%
 Medium weight 38%
 Heavy weight 2%
 I don’t know 13%