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Table 6 Characteristics of available strategies for the treatment of perforated diverticulitis with generalized peritonitis

From: Damage control strategy in perforated diverticulitis with generalized peritonitis

  Damage control surgery Laparoscopic lavage Primary anastomosis Hartmann‘s procedure
Use for Hinchey stage III + IV III III + IV III + IV
Technical requirements Low Medium High medium
Risk for Stoma  ~ 50% Low 100%* 100%
Advantages Rapid and easy focus control, low stoma rate Minimally invasive treatment, no resection, no stoma Focus control, definite treatment within one surgical procedure Focus control, no anastomosis
Disadvantages Two surgical procedures Relevant rate of adverse events Technical challenging, high stoma rate Low reversal rate, low quality of life
  1. *Following evidence of currently available randomized controlled trials