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Table 1 Data for primary or secondary surgery of the all recurrent cases

From: Insufficiency of prosthetic posterolateral overlap related to recurrence after laparoscopic transabdominal preperitoneal inguinal hernioplasty, as assessed by video review

CaseAgeSexYear of primary LHHistory of ipsilateral hernia repair (times)Duration before recurrence (months)Surgeon experience of the casePrimary LH video availabilityLateralityJHS classification of primary herniaJHS classification of recurrent herniaSize of hernia orifice (mm)Size of prosthesis (cm)Secondary operation
23R50’sM199406422*YesRt.II-3II-32311 × 6TAPP
4070’sM1995123YesLt.I-2I-2139 × 6TAPP
5560’sM19962121†YesRt.I-2II-11010 × 7TAPP
5650’sM199641001YesLt.II-1II-2711 × 8TAPP
6860’sM19971639*YesLt.IIIINA11 × 7Ant.
9550’sM199901914YesRt.I-2NA2010 × 7ND
10270’sM20000210YesRt.II-1IINA7 × 7Ant.
10360’sM20000343NoLt.IIII-1NA10 × 8TAPP
10670’sM200003810YesRt.II-3I-23011 × 8TAPP
11370’sM2000073YesLt.II-3I-2209 × 8TAPP
16770’sM20041715YesRt.I-2I-22012 × 10TAPP
23960’sM200601834†YesRt.I-2I-22514 × 9TAPP
25930’sM200701844†YesRt.I-3I-33014 × 9TAPP
26270’sM20070134YesRt.I-3I-23015 × 9TAPP
52850’sM20130773YesRt.I-3I-33515 × 10TAPP
  1. *, † indicates the same surgeon
  2. LH laparoscopic hernioplasty; NA not available; Ant Anterior approach; ND not done.