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Table 5 Coefficientsa of multivariate linear regression

From: The effect of low central venous pressure on hepatic surgical field bleeding and serum lactate in patients undergoing partial hepatectomy: a prospective randomized controlled trial

 Unstandardized CoefficientsStandardized CoefficientsT valueP value
BStd. ErrorBeta
Constant− 280.338206.928 −1.335.178
No cirrhosis = 1; presence of cirrhosis = 2−17.49937.404−.032−.468.641
Mean CVP value during PTC−2.9839.794−.021−.305.761
Frequency of ephedrine15.40613.675.0861.127.262
Operation time1.766.313.4235.637.000*
Duration of all PTC3.6181.127.2293.209.002*
Group F = 1; group L = 2−1.34739.607−.003−.034.973
Minor hepatectomy = 1; major hepatectomy = 2101.62832.958.2043.084.003*
SBP during PTC.5861.536.027.381.704
Bleeding score of surgical field22.28916.281.1001.369.173
  1. a: dependent variable: intraoperative blood loss. Group F: the fluid restriction group; Group L: the fluid restriction + low CVP group; CVP: central venous pressure; SBP: systolic blood pressure; PTC: portal trail clamping. * P < 0.05