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Table 2 Patients’ demographic data in the two groups

From: The effect of low central venous pressure on hepatic surgical field bleeding and serum lactate in patients undergoing partial hepatectomy: a prospective randomized controlled trial

 Group F (n = 69)Group L (n = 70)
Age (year)55.3 ± 9.654.9 ± 11.2
Male/female (n)56/1350/20
Primary liver carcinoma/Liver metastases (n)32/3734/36
Chronic HBV infection1917
Chronic HCV infection11
Alcohol abuse21
Presence of cirrhosis (n)1819
Comorbidities: Hypertension/Coronary artery disease/Diabetes/ chronic nephritis/Asthma/ Alcohol abuse (n)13/5/8/0/1/117/3/4/1/0/2
  1. HBV Hepatitis B virus, HCV Hepatitis C virus; Group F: the fluid restriction group; Group L: the fluid restriction + low CVP group