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Table 2 Reported cases of Horner syndrome related to thyroid surgery

From: Case report and literature review: Horner syndrome subsequent to endoscopic thyroid surgery

References Case Scopes of operation Histopathology Approach Symptoms Time to resolution
Zhang [17] 1 Nodule Benign nodule MWA Myosis, ptosis Incomplete resolved
Aslankurt [21] 1 ST Nodular goiter NM Ptosis,
No improvement
Perréard [22] 1 ST Benign nodule NM Miosis, ptosis 3 months
Cozzaglio [23] 1 TT Toxic nodular goiter NM Ptosis, miosis 3 days
Italiano [24] 1 TT Nodular goiter Conventional Myosis, ptosis, mild enophthalmos 2 months
Tan [7] 1 TT FTC ETS NM 3 months
Seneviratne [25] 1 TT Nodular goiter NM Ptosis, enophthalmos 12 months
Sandoval [26] 1 TT + CLND ATC Conventional Ptosis, mild enophthalmos NM
Meng [6] 2 TT + CLND PTMC in 1 patient; PTC in 1 patient ETS a: miosis
b: miosis,
11 and 1 months
Foma [27] 1 ET Parapharyngeal ectopic goiter Conventional Miosis, ptosis, enophthalmos 12 months
Sapalidis [28] 1 TT + CLND + LLND PTMC NM Miosis, ptosis 3 days
Mastronikolis [29] 1 TT + BLLND MTC Conventional Miosis, ptosis 4 weeks
Lee [4] 5 2 with
3 with
Thyroid malignancy Conventional NM NM
Hu [30] 1 Lobectomy + CLND + LLND PTMC ETS Miosis, ptosis, enophthalmos 12 months
Kang [14] 1 NM NM RAET NM NM
Lee [31] 1 NM NM RAET NM NM
McCrory [19] 1 Lobectomy Neuroma NM Ptosis miosis anhidrosis Incomplete resolved
Punda [20] 1 TT + BCLND + BLLND PTC Conventional Ptosis miosis anhidrosis Incomplete resolved
Demiral [18] 1 TT Nodular goiter NM Ptosis miosis 6 months
Present case 1 TT + CLND PTMC ETS Miosis, ptosis 3 months
  1. TT total thyroidectomy, ST subtotal thyroidectomy, ET ectopic thyroidectomy, CLND central lymph node dissection, LLND lateral lymph node dissection, BCLND bilateral central lymph node dissection, BLLND bilateral lateral lymph node dissection, PTC papillary thyroid carcinoma, PTMC papillary thyroid microcarcinoma, FTC follicular thyroid carcinoma, ATC anaplastic thyroid carcinoma, MTC medullary thyroid carcinoma, NM not mentioned, MWA microwave ablation, ETS endoscopic thyroid surgery, RAET robotic-assisted endoscopic thyroidectomy