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Table 1 Previous reports of internal hernia after pelvic lymphadenectomy

From: Internal hernia beneath superior vesical artery after pelvic lymphadenectomy for cervical cancer: a case report and literature review

Year/authors Age/sex Diagnosis Operation method Interval between surgery and hospital readmission “Hernia ring” structure Retroperitonization or not Surgical treatment for the orifice
1978 Guba et al. [4] 52 M Testicular
Laparotomy 4 months Right common iliac artery No Free peritoneal transplantation
2008 Kim et al. [5] 67F Cervical cancer Laparoscopic 3 months Right external iliac artery No Free peritoneal transplantation
2013 Dumant et al. [6] 56F Ovarian cancer Laparoscopic and laparotomy 4 years Left external iliac artery No No special handling
2014 Ardelt et al. [7] 39F Cervical cancer Laparoscopic 2 years Right common iliac artery Not mentioned Gluing a collagen patch
2015 Pridgian et al. [8] 50 M Bladder cancer Robotic 5 months Right common iliac artery Not mentioned Free peritoneal transplantation
2016 Viktorin-Baier et al. [9] 50 M Prostate cancer Robotic 1 year Left external iliac artery Not mentioned Securing by a fibrin sealant patch
2017 Minami et al. [10] 38F Cervical cancer Laparoscopic 6 months Umbilical artery and obturator nerve No Resecting the umbilical artery
2018 Kitaguchi et al. [11] 68 M/59 M Rectal cancer/cectal cancer Laparoscopic/laparoscopic 4 months/2 months superior vesical artery superior vesical artery Not mentioned No special handling/resecting the umbilical artery