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Table 1 General clinical information

From: The application of laparoscopy combined with indocyanine green fluorescence imaging technique for hepatic cystic echinococcosis

Cases Pathology (WHO-IWGE) Lesion location Maximum diameter (cm) Preoperative infection/bile leakage Operation method
1 CE2 S3 6 No Pericystectomy
2 CE2 S5–6 9 No Pericystectomy
3 CE2 S3–4 10 Bile leakage Subtotal cystectomy
4 CE2 S7–8 10 Infection, bile leakage Pericystectomy
5 CE3a S5–8 8 Bile leakage Pericystectomy
6 CE3a S6–7 11 Bile leakage Subtotal cystectomy
7 CE3b S5–8 14 Infection, bile leakage Right hemihepatectomy
8 CE3b S5–6 10 Bile leakage Pericystectomy
9 CE3a S6 7 No Pericystectomy
  1. Two cases underwent subtotal cystectomy due to major vascular invasion in the liver. One case underwent right hemihepatectomy due to the first hepatic portal vascular invasion of the right liver