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Table 1 parameter definitions of the selected clinically relevant parameters

From: Assessment of validity evidence for the RobotiX robot assisted surgery simulator on advanced suturing tasks

Movement parameters Definition
Path length (left/right) Distance travelled by instrument in millimeter
Movements (left/right) Number of movements made by instrument
Entrance and exit points Total number of entrance and exit points
Distance scope and tissue Average distance between scope and vaginal cuff in millimeter
Safety parameters
 Inaccurate punctures Number of needle punctures not within relevant target mark
 Suture breakage Number of times the suture broke due to excessive force
 Instrument collisions Number of times instruments collided
 Times out of view Number of times the users instrument was held out of view
 Dropped needles Number of times a needle was dropped
 Unnecessary piercing Number of unnecessary piercing points
Task specific parameters
 Total time Total time in seconds
 Total errors Total number of errors made
 Needle precision Percentage of needle punctures which are on relevant target mark
 Needle passages Total number of needle passages made
 Precise needle passages Number of needle passages on relevant mark
 Total knots Total number of knots made
 Surgeon knots Total number of surgical knots