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Table 1 Literature review of LMS metastasis to the pancreas

From: Recurrent broad ligament leiomyosarcoma with pancreatic and thigh metastasis: a case report

Reference Sex Age Primary site Metastatic site Interval Treatment for metastasis Survival
Alonso et al. [6] F 35 Uterus Pancreas, lung, gallbladder, liver 20 months Surgery, chemotherapy >18 months
Dima et al. [7] F 67 Uterus Pancreas, lung 19 months Surgery, chemotherapy >3 months
Hernandez et al. [8] F 46 Uterus Pancreas, lung 4 years and 2 months Surgery, chemotherapy >10 months
Iwamoto et al. [9] F 46 Uterus Pancreas, lung 2 years Surgery, chemotherapy >8 months
Koh et al. [10] F 66 Thigh Pancreas NA, 9 months Surgery >9 months
Ogura et al. [11] F 60 Thigh Pancreas NA Surgery >1 year
Ozturk et al. [12] F 40 Uterus Pancreas 4 years and 5 months Surgery >6 months
Sweeney et al. [13] F 51 Uterus Pancreas 1 year Chemotherapy >1 year
Present case F 36 Broad ligament Pancreas, thigh 3 years Surgery, chemotherapy,
>2 years
  1. F female, Interval interval between primary tumor and pancreatic metastasis, Survival survival after diagnosis of pancreatic metastasis, NA not available