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Table 2 Clinical and operative findings of patients with perforated Peptic ulcer disease in four teaching hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

From: Pattern and outcome of perforated peptic ulcer disease patient in four teaching hospitals in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: a prospective cohort multicenter study

Clinical presentation number%
Presenting complaintAbdominal pain97100
 Abdominal distension7880.4
Duration of presentation< 24 h4445.4
24–48 h3334
48–72 h1010.3
> 72 h1010.3
Physical findingGeneralized peritonitis8587.6
Localized peritonitis1212.4
Hypotension at presentationpresent1717.5
WBC count at presentationleukocytosis4546.4
Chest x ray findingpositive8385.6
Not done33.1
Size of perforation< 10 mm in diameter7981.3
10–20 in diameter1212.4
> 20 mm diameter22.1
Location of perforationduodenal9193.8
Sealed ant duodenal44.1
Degree of peritoneal contamination<  1 l7274.2
1–2 l2121.6
> 3 l44.1