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Table 2 ERAS elements in the APPtimize application

From: Improving enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS): ERAS APPtimize study protocol, a randomized controlled trial investigating the effect of a patient-centred mobile application on patient participation in colorectal surgery

 1. Cessation of smoking and excessive intake of alcohol
 2. Preoperative nutritional screening and, as needed, assessment and nutritional support
 3. Preoperative carbohydrate treatment
 4. Preoperative prophylaxis against thrombosis
 5. Early mobilization (day of surgery)
 6. Early intake of oral fluids and solids (offered the day of surgery)
 7. Early removal of urinary catheters and intravenous fluids (morning after surgery)
 8. Use of laxatives
 9. Intake of protein and energy-rich nutritional supplements
 10. Prepare for early discharge