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Table 1 Clinicopathological data from reported cases of solitary splenic metastasis arising from gastric cancer

From: Metachronous solitary splenic metastasis arising from early gastric cancer: a case report and literature review

Author Age Gender Primary gastric cancer Splenic metastasis Outcome
Tumor location Tumor size (cm) Gross appearance type Tumor depth Lymph node involvement Histological type Treatment Tumor size (cm) Treatment Histological type Duration (months)
Yamanouchi [6] 65 Male L ND Ulcerated ss Positive Intestinal DG 4.5 Splenectomy Intestinal 50 DOD at 40 months
Kawasaki [7] 75 Male U 2.0 Elevated sm Positive Intestinal EMR, PG 6.5 Chemotherapy, Splenectomy Intestinal 14 2 years survival
Deng [8] 49 Male M 6.0 ND se Positive Intestinal DG 14 Splenectomy Diffuse 60 9 months survival
Present case 77 Male U 2.2 Elevated sm Negative Intestinal ESD, TG 5.5 Splenectomy Diffuse 28 2 months survival
  1. Abbreviations: DG distal gastrectomy, DOD dead of disease, EMR endoscopic mucosal resection, ESD endoscopic submucosal dissection, L lower-third of the stomach, M middle-third of the stomach, ND not described, PG proximal gastrectomy, se serosa, sm submucosa, ss subserosa, TG total gastrectomy, U upper-third of the stomach