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Table 3 Frequency of potential contraindications to vertebroplasty in our group of patients

From: Oncological and functional results of the surgical treatment of vertebral metastases in patients with multiple myeloma”

Potential contraindications to vertebroplasty Patients qualified to vertebroplasty n = 73
Patients qualified to spine stabilizations n = 56
Impairment of the neural elements No 21(37%)
Cauda equine syndrome No 6(11%)
Spine kyphosis 12(16%) 56 (100%)
Fractures with obstructing plasmocytoma No 31(55%)
Retropulsed bone No 56(100%)
Vertebra plana No 15(27%)
Disruption of the posterior vertebral body cortex No 54(96%)
Unstable spine 47 (64%) 56(100%)
Metal or PMMA alergy No No
Coagulopathy No No
Neutropenia 6(8%) 2(4%)
Cardio-pulmonary insufficiency No No
Radiotherapy before surgery 2(3%) 4(7%)
Skin infections No No