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Archived Comments for: The value of routine histopathological examination of appendicectomy specimens

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  1. Appendicitis- a common presentation of uncommon diseases


    10 December 2007

    Appendicitis ,a common surgical emergency is known for its complex presentations.Although appendicitis usually results secondary to luminal obstruction,one has to remember that tumors of appendix also presents as appendicitis(1).There are case reports of caecal carcinoma(2),ileocaecal tuberculosis presenting as appendicitis.Histopathological examination of appendectomy specimens is a routine in most hospitals.It is essential to document inflamed appendix as the cause of pain abdomen and to rule out a tumor of appendix


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    2)Bizer LS.Acute appendicitis is rarely the initial presentation of cecal cancer in the elderly patient.

    J Surg Oncol. 1993 Sep;54(1):45-6.

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