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Table 4 Evaluation of ampullary cancer by means of US, CT scan and EUS and comparison to surgery findings in 17 patients who underwent surgery. Distribution of T stage, enlarged lymph nodes (for US and CT scan), N stage (for EUS and Surgery), Common bile duct (CBD) and main pancreatic duct (MPD) dilatation (for US and CT scan) and M stage (for US, CT scan and Surgery).

From: Is endosonography an effective method for detection and local staging of the ampullary carcinoma? A prospective study

  US CT scan EUS Surgery
T stage * Advanced 2/17 (12%) Advanced 4/17 (24%) Early: 6/17 Advanced: 11/17 Early: 8/17 Advanced:9/17
Enlarged LN or N stage 8/17 (47%) 11/17 (65%) N0:1/17 N1:16/17 N0:5/17 N1:12/17
M stage 2/17 3/17 NA** 3/17
CBD and MPD dialatation CBD 12/17 (71%) MPD 2/17 (12%) CBD 13/17 (76%) MPD 5/17 (29%) NA NA
  1. * Early stage: T1 and T2 * Advanced stage: T3 and T4 **Nonapplicable