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Table 2 A brief summary about patients associated with HO following encephalitis

From: Acquired heterotopic ossification in hips and knees following encephalitis: case report and literature review

Authors Age/gender Time of coma The affected joints Locations Therapies Consequence
Tay [18] et al. 26/female 28 days Bilateral hips Image of CT showed: medial aspect of upper thighs Surgery and radiotherapy No recurrence and moderate gain in the rage of motion
Jayasundara [8] et al. 21/male 35 days Bilateral hips and right elbow CT showed: anterior,posterior and lateral aspects of both hips, Surgery and physiotherapy No recurrence and have acceptable range of movements at the affected joints
     Radiograph of the pelvis showed: anteroposterior   
Saito [30] et al. 26/female 40 days Bilateral knees CT showed: Large area of the left distal femur and small area of right knee Surgery and 800 mg daily of etidronate disodium Slight recurrence occurred 3 weeks after surgery
An [7] et al. 38/female 13 months Right shoulder and left elbow Unknown Excision,physical and diphosphonate postoperation No recurrence and the range of motion improved markedly
Ours case 47/male 1 month Both hips and knees interior aspect of both the femoral necks and the peripheral areas of knee-joints, especially interior Excision and 200 mg daily of Celecoxib No recurrence and walk independently