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Table 1 Transmural migration of gossypiboma into the duodenum: review of the selected literature (2000–2013)

From: Intractable duodenal ulcer caused by transmural migration of gossypiboma into the duodenum - a case report and literature review

References Initial surgery Interval (months) Clinical presentation Diagnosis methods Interventions (Surgical indication)
Erdil et al. [2] Cholecystectomy 12 GI bleeding US,ERCP Endoscopic extraction
Sinha et al. [4] Laparotomy 12 Abdominal pain US, CT, endoscopy Endoscopic extraction
Alis et al. [5] Hydatid cyst 2 Abdominal pain Endoscopy, CT Spontaneously expelled
Peyrin-Biroulet et al. [6] Left, Hemicolectomy 6 Vomiting Endoscopy, CT Endoscopic extraction
Sarda et al.7 Cholecystectomy 2 Abdominal pain, vomiting Endoscopy Endoscopic extraction
Dux et al. [7] Cholecystectomy 10 Abdominal pain, vomiting CT Surgical drainage (Persistent duodenal fistula)
Manikyam et al. [8] Cholecystectomy 24 Abdominal pain, vomiting US, Endoscopy Right hemicolectomy, Duodenorraphy (Gastric outlet obstruction and duodeno-ileo-colic fistula)
Lv et al. (present study) Cholecystectomy 10 Abdominal pain Endoscopy CT Endoscopic extraction, Duodenorrhaphy (Intractable duodenal ulcer)