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  1. Etiology of hyperlactatemia in ICU patients is heterogeneous—septic, cardiogenic or hemorrhagic shock seem to be predominant reasons. Multiple studies show hyperlactatemia as an independent predictor for ICU m...

    Authors: Julia Spiegelberg, Ann-Kathrin Lederer, Sibylla Claus, Mira Runkel, Stefan Utzolino, Stefan Fichtner-Feigl and Lampros Kousoulas
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:312
  2. Liver transplantation is one of the most effective treatments for end-stage liver disease. Split liver transplantation (SLT) can effectively improve the utilization efficiency of grafts. However, split liver t...

    Authors: Dong Wang, Ning Fan, Xin Wang, Yandong Sun, Ge Guan, Jianhong Wang, Xiaodan Zhu, Yunjin Zang, Jinzhen Cai and Yuan Guo
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:311
  3. Historically, Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) has been considered the gold standard of bariatric surgery (BS). This procedure acts as a mixed restrictive and malabsorptive operation.

    Authors: Foolad Eghbali, Mansour Bahardoust, Abdolreza Pazouki, Gelayol Barahman, Adnan Tizmaghz, Amir Hajmohammadi, Reza Karami and Fatemeh Sadat Hosseini-Baharanchi
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:310
  4. Despite a significant decrease of surgery-related mortality and morbidity, anastomotic leakage still occurs in a significant number of patients after esophagectomy. The two main endoscopic treatments in case o...

    Authors: Pasquale Scognamiglio, Matthias Reeh, Nathaniel Melling, Marcus Kantowski, Ann-Kathrin Eichelmann, Seung-Hun Chon, Nader El-Sourani, Gerhard Schön, Alexandra Höller, Jakob R. Izbicki and Michael Tachezy
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:309
  5. Natural orifice specimen extraction surgery (NOSES) has the advantages of less postoperative pain, fast bowel function recovery, reduced hospital stay and better cosmetic effects. In our centre, anterior resec...

    Authors: Zhang Ke, Deng Zijian, Hu Hai, Yan Jin, Rui Yuanyi, Yi Bo and Zheng Yangchun
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:308
  6. This study aimed to evaluate the clinical significance of the preoperative aminotransferase to albumin ratio (AAR) in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) after hepatectomy.

    Authors: Wei Peng, Junyi Shen, Junlong Dai, Shusheng Leng, Fei Xie, Yu Zhang, Shun Ran, Xin Sun and Tianfu Wen
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:307
  7. Post-partum abdominal wall insufficiency (PPAWI) with rectus diastasis is present in over 30% of women after pregnancy. Little is known about how PPAWI affects the social, sexual life and self-esteem of patien...

    Authors: Maciej Śmietański, Irmina Anna Śmietańska and Mateusz Zamkowski
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:305
  8. Cerebral infarction (CI) is an unusual complication in patients with bleeding disorders. To our knowledge, this is the first case of postoperative internal border-zone infarction (I-BZI) from Hemophilia A.

    Authors: Yiqing Ling, Zhenyu Shi, Chenying Su, Xiaochen Liu, Lingxin Zheng, Xiaohao Pan, Yan Sun, Xuan Zhang, Jinling Wei, Ju Li, Peijian Tong and Taotao Xu
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:303
  9. Day of the week when elective gastrointestinal surgery is performed may be influenced by various background and tumor-related factors. Relationships between postoperative outcome and when in the week gastrecto...

    Authors: Tsuneyuki Uchida, Ryuichi Sekine, Kenichi Matsuo, Gaku Kigawa, Takahiro Umemoto, Mikio Makuuchi and Kuniya Tanaka
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:302
  10. Postoperative cholangitis is a late complication of pancreaticoduodenectomy (PD). This study aimed to elucidate the pathogenesis of post-PD cholangitis (PPDC) and explore its optimal treatment.

    Authors: Yasuhiro Kihara and Hiroshi Yokomizo
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:301
  11. Cancellations of cases are common; most of those cancellations are due to avoidable causes. It is a major cause of psychological trauma for patients and their families. Although little is known in Ethiopia, th...

    Authors: Mulualem Gete Feleke, Tesfaye Yitna Chichiabellu and Tadele Lankrew Ayalew
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:300
  12. Stapled haemorrhoidopexy (SH) has resulted in a unique collection of procedural complications with postoperative mucocele a particularly rare example. This study is designed to comprehensively describe the cha...

    Authors: Xing-Yang Wan, Yuan-Ji Fu, Gui-Ming Li, Guo-Zhong Xiao, Zhi-Wei Guo, Dong-Lin Ren, Bo Cao and Hong-Cheng Lin
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:298
  13. The purpose of this study was to determine how the drain fluid volume on the first day after surgery (DFV 1) can be used to predict clinically relevant post-operative pancreatic fistula following distal pancre...

    Authors: Quanyu Zhou, Wei He, Yao liu, Bo liao, Yong Liang, Bing Mo, Shujun Yin, Weian Tang, Yuhong Shi and Yuxiao Xia
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:297
  14. Perineal wound complications are common after abdominoperineal resection (APR) for rectal adenocarcinoma. Delayed wound healing may postpone postoperative adjuvant therapy and, therefore, lead to a worse survi...

    Authors: Tellu Salmenkylä, Katariina Kilpivaara, Pasi Ohtonen, Tero Rautio and Elisa Mäkäräinen
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:296
  15. Benign splenic lesions are rarely encountered. This study aimed to review the clinical characteristics and surgical outcomes in a case series of 30 pediatric patients.

    Authors: Zengmeng Wang, Chunhui Peng, Dongyang Wu, Kai Wang, Jiatong Xu, Jihang Sun, Wenbo Pang, Cailin Ding and Yajun Chen
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:295
  16. We conducted a prospective cohort study to evaluate effective techniques for breast reconstruction after partial mastectomy due to breast cancer. Determining the method of reconstruction is often difficult as ...

    Authors: Jong Ho Lee, Jeong Yeop Ryu, Kang Young Choi, Jung Dug Yang, Ho Yun Chung, Byung Chae Cho, Byungju Kang, Jeeyeon Lee, Ho Yong Park and Joon Seok Lee
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:294
  17. Malignant melanotic nerve sheath tumor (MMNST), formerly called melanotic schwannoma, is a rare tumor of neural crest derivation which most frequently arises from the region of spinal or autonomic nerves near ...

    Authors: Kuan-Yu Lin, Lujen Chen, Siu-Wan Hung, Sheng-Chun Hung, Cheng-Kuang Yang, Chih-Jung Chen and Kun-Yuan Chiu
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:293
  18. Esophagectomy remains the standard treatment for esophageal cancer or esophagogastric junction cancer. The stomach, or the gastric conduit, is currently the most commonly used substitute for reconstruction ins...

    Authors: Hao-Wei Kou, Pei-Ching Huang, Chon-Folk Cheong, Yin-Kai Chao and Chun-Yi Tsai
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:292
  19. The majority of the prognostic scoring tools for peritonitis are impractical in low resource settings because they are complex while others are quite costly. The quick Sepsis-related Organ Failure Assessment (...

    Authors: Richard Newton Iranya, Ronald Mbiine, Andrew Weil Semulimi, Joan Nasige, Timothy Makumbi and Moses Galukande
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:291
  20. Obesity is a global health priority, particularly in developing countries. The preventive effect of bariatric surgery against obesity-related diseases in the developing countries of the Middle East and North A...

    Authors: Amir Ebadinejad, Maryam Barzin, Behnaz Abiri, Maryam Mahdavi, Alireza Khalaj, Danial Ebrahimi, Farhad Hosseinpanah and Majid Valizadeh
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:290
  21. Hemangiopericytomas (HPCs) are uncommon soft tissue tumors. HPCs that grow in the cranial base are rare. Therefore, skull-base surgeons tend to overlook this disease. This study aimed to increase the awareness...

    Authors: Zhouying Peng, Yumin Wang, Yaxuan Wang, Qinxuan Li, Yan Fang, Ruohao Fan, Hua Zhang and Weihong Jiang
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:289
  22. Cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) leak remains an important issue in endoscopic endonasal surgery (EES). A standard protocol for skull base closure has not yet been established, and the application of rigid buttress...

    Authors: WenJi Zhao, Gang Yang, RuiChun Li, Gang Huo, Dong Gao, MingChuan Cao and XiaoShu Wang
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:288
  23. Natural orifice specimen extraction surgery (NOSES) has been increasingly applied in radical surgery of abdominal and pelvic organs, but it is still in the exploratory stage. There is insufficient evidence to ...

    Authors: Zhengliang Li, Huan Xiong, Tianyu Qiao, Shuai Jiao, Yihao Zhu, Guiyu Wang, Xishan Wang and Qingchao Tang
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:286
  24. Esophageal atresia (EA) is often associated with tracheomalacia (TM). The severity of TM symptoms varies widely, with serious cases requiring prolonged respiratory support and surgical treatment. Although we p...

    Authors: Akihiro Yasui, Akinari Hinoki, Hizuru Amano, Chiyoe Shirota, Takahisa Tainaka, Wataru Sumida, Kazuki Yokota, Satoshi Makita, Masamune Okamoto, Aitaro Takimoto, Yoichi Nakagawa and Hiroo Uchida
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:285
  25. The superiorities in proximal facet joint protection of robot-assisted (RA) pedicle screw placement and screw implantation via the cortical bone trajectory (CBT) have rarely been compared. Moreover, findings o...

    Authors: Hua-Qing Zhang, Can-Can Wang, Ren-Jie Zhang, Lu-Ping Zhou, Chong-Yu Jia, Peng Ge and Cai-Liang Shen
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:284
  26. Lymphocyte-C-reactive Protein Ratio (LCR) has been demonstrated as a promising new marker for predicting surgical and oncological outcomes in colorectal carcinoma (CRC). However, anastomotic leakage (AL) is al...

    Authors: Bin Zhong, Zhen-Yu Lin, Dan-Dan Ma, Zuo-Hong Shang, Yan-Bin Shen, Tao Zhang, Jian-Xin Zhang and Wei-Dong Jin
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:283
  27. Although obesity is a popular reason for choosing laparoscopic appendectomy (LA) versus open appendectomy (OA), however, the question of whether there is a difference remains. Our goal is to investigate if the...

    Authors: Ahmed H. Hussein, Abdullah El-Baaly, Waleed M. Ghareeb, Khaled Madbouly and Haitham Gabr
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:282
  28. The success of partial donor liver transplantation is affected by the implantation site of the donor liver and the vascular reconstruction approach. We investigated the effects of different donor liver implant...

    Authors: Jun Li, Jianjun Ren, JunJing Zhang and Xingkai Meng
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:281
  29. Since Gagner performed the first laparoscopic adrenalectomy in 1992, laparoscopy has become the gold-standard procedure in the treatment of adrenal surgical diseases. A review of the literature indicates that ...

    Authors: Felipe Girón, Carlos Eduardo Rey Chaves, Lina Rodríguez, Roberto Javier Rueda-Esteban, Ricardo E. Núñez-Rocha, Sara Toledo, Danny Conde, Juan David Hernández, Marco Vanegas and Ricardo Nassar
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:280
  30. Creating surgical access is a critical step in laparoscopic surgery. Surgeons have to insert a sharp instrument such as the Veress needle or a trocar into the patient’s abdomen until the peritoneal cavity is r...

    Authors: Moritz Spiller, Marcus Bruennel, Victoria Grosse, Thomas Sühn, Nazila Esmaeili, Jessica Stockheim, Salmai Turial, Roland Croner, Axel Boese, Michael Friebe and Alfredo Illanes
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:279
  31. There is controversy regarding the treatment of symptomatic synovial cysts, specifically, the need for a concomitant fusion when surgical resection of the synovial cysts is required. We present a retrospective...

    Authors: Lyonel Beaulieu Lalanne, Roberto Larrondo Carmona, Juan I. Cirillo Totera, Facundo Alvarez Lemos, José Tomás Muñoz Wilson and Andre M. Beaulieu Montoya
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:277
  32. Accurate classification of femoral neck fracture (FNF) is crucial for treatment plan and therapeutic outcomes. Garden classification is commonly used in the clinic, but its stability and consistency remain con...

    Authors: Zhencun Cai, Zelin Zhang, Lixuan Ren, Chengzhe Piao and Liangbi Xiang
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:276
  33. Pancreatic fistula remains the biggest problem in pancreatic surgery. We have previously reported a new pancreatojejunostomy method using an inter-anastomosis drainage (IAD) suction tube with Blumgart anastomo...

    Authors: Osamu Shimomura, Tatsuya Oda, Yoshihiro Miyazaki, Kinji Furuya, Manami Doi, Kazuhiro Takahashi, Jaejeong Kim, Shoko Moue, Yohei Owada, Koichi Ogawa, Yusuke Ohara, Yoshimasa Akashi, Tsuyoshi Enomoto and Shinji Hashimoto
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:274
  34. The number of mini gastric bypass / one anastomosis bypass (MGB-OAGB) procedures in bariatric patients that have been performed world-wide has drastically increased during the past decade. Nevertheless, due to...

    Authors: U. G. Lange, Y. Moulla, M. Mehdorn, J. Tuennemann, A. Zabel-Langhennig, A. Ouaid and A. Dietrich
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:273
  35. Rib fractures are the most common thoracic injury in patients who sustained blunt trauma, and potentially life-threatening associated injuries are prevalent. Multi-disciplinary work-up is crucial to achieving ...

    Authors: Chia-Cheng Wang, Szu-An Chen, Chi-Tung Cheng, Yu-San Tee, Sheng-Yu Chan, Chih-Yuan Fu, Chien-An Liao, Chi-Hsun Hsieh and Ling-Wei Kuo
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:271
  36. This study aimed to evaluate the feasibility and safety of the trans-oral endoscopic thyroidectomy vestibular approach (TOETVA) with neuroprotection techniques for the surgical management of papillary thyroid ...

    Authors: Zhen-Xin Chen, Ya-Min Song, Jing-Bao Chen, Xiao-Bo Zhang, Feng-Shun Pang, Zhan-Hong Lin, Li-Ming Yang, Bei-Yuan Cai and You Qin
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:270
  37. Post-thrombotic syndrome (PTS), an important complication of deep venous thrombosis (DVT), adversely affects patients’ quality of life. Endovascular intervention in PTS can relieve symptoms rapidly with high t...

    Authors: Rencong Chen, Ruijia Feng, Suiting Jiang, Guangqi Chang, Zuojun Hu, Chen Yao, Benyuan Jia, Shenming Wang and Siwen Wang
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:269
  38. Pelvic organ prolapse (POP) is greatly affecting the quality of life (QOL) of women. There are some surgical techniques for POP repair, for example, transvaginal mesh surgery (TVM), laparoscopic sacrocolpopexy...

    Authors: Mayuko Kusuda, Keiko Kagami, Ikumi Takahashi, Takahiro Nozaki and Ikuko Sakamoto
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:268
  39. Pneumatosis intestinalis is an abnormal presence of free air outside the lumen of the intestines in many shapes. It is classified based on its etiology to primary or secondary, it affects adults as well as inf...

    Authors: Mtanyous Chihab, Khaled Qadabashi, Huda Abbas, Maysam Attar, Ahmad Aljaber, Maden Alabd and Kusay Ayoub
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:267
  40. The objective of the study was to explore the feasibility and efficacy of computer-assisted screw inserting planning (CASIP) in the surgical treatment for severe spinal deformity.

    Authors: Yiqi Zhang, Yong Hai, Jincai Yang, Peng Yin, Chaofan Han, Jingwei Liu and Lijin Zhou
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:265
  41. Laparoscopic large hiatal hernia (LHH) repair remains a challenge despite three decades of ongoing attempts at improving surgical outcome. Its rarity and complexity, coupled with suboptimal initial approach th...

    Authors: Kheman Rajkomar and Christophe R. Berney
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:264
  42. The purpose of the current study was to compare the outcomes of temporary stoma through the specimen extraction site (SSES) and stoma through a new site (SNS) after laparoscopic low anterior resection.

    Authors: Dong Peng, Dong-Ling Yu, Xiao-Yu Liu, Wei Tao, Bing Kang, Hua Zhang, Zheng-Qiang Wei and Guang-Yan Ji
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2022 22:263

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