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Table 1 Important aspects of the mixed type of subglottic PGs described in the literatures

From: Pitfalls in the management of subglottic paragangliomas at unusual location: a case report and literature review

Author Year Sex-age (Y) Initial operation Second operation  
Pathology Surgery Pathology Resection Reconstruction
Olofsson [18] 1984 F/44 Hemangiopericytoma Tracheostomy and biopsy PG Laryngectomy, left thyroid lobectomy, upper trachea, partial pharyngectomy Not mentioned
Brownlee [34] 1992 F/27 MTC Right thyroid lobectomy PG Right half of the cricoid and first tracheal ring Cartilage rib and auricular cartilage
Kronz [26] 2000 F/52 MTC Left thyroid lobectomy PG Completion thyroidectomy, total laryngectomy, pharyngectomy, esophagectomy, central and bilateral neck dissections Not mentioned
Hinojar [14] 2003 F/53 MTC Total thyroidectomy PG The right anterolateral half of the cricothyroid membrane, the cricoid, and the first three tracheal rings Free septal cartilage graft
Michaelson [16] 2005 F/50 MTC Near total thyroidectomy without neck dissection PG Three tracheal rings End to end
  1. Y years old; F female; MTC medullary thyroid carcinoma; PG paraganglioma