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Table 5 Self-reported location of mesh placement, use of primary fascial closure and component separation to repair an incisional hernia with a 10 × 6 cm fascial defect by 473 Canadian general surgeons

From: Wide variation in surgical techniques to repair incisional hernias: a survey of practice patterns among general surgeons

Mesh location Primary fascial closure Component separation Surgeons performing procedure (%)
Inlay Sublay Onlay
Yes Yes Yes 32.5
Yes Yes 9.3
Yes Yes 2.6
Yes 2.6
Yes Yes Yes 8.8
Yes Yes 15.3
Yes Yes 1.3
Yes 20.6
Yes Yes Yes 4
Yes Yes 1.8
Yes Yes 1
Yes 0.2
  1. A “–” indicates that the technique was not used. Inlay = retrorectus & preperitoneal, Sublay = intraperitoneal, Onlay = on top of the fascia