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Table 1 WSS cases overview (N = 5)

From: Analysis and outcomes of wrong site thyroid surgery

Case No. Year Speciality type Age/Gender Surgeon Thyroid cases operated/year Age/Gender Patient Community Employed Indication of surgery Anatomical dominant side Dominant nodule size (mm) Gland volume (mL) Planned procedure Type of surgery E/R/Min/O Use of MG Use of FS Use of IONM Organ excised Surgery duration (min) No. of surgeons ^ Mentor in OR Pathology Error Malpractice claim
1 2017 General surgery 27/M 10 35/F Sinhalese No Bethesda III Right 10 21 Right lobectomy Left lobectomy M No No No Thyroid 20 3 No Malignant Wrong side No
2 2019 Head & Neck 33/F 10 42/F Hispanidad Yes PTC with LN metastases Left 6 19 Thyroidectomy + central + left lateral node dissection Thymectomy + left lateral lymph node dissection O Not known No No Thymus + LN 130 2 Not known Malignant Wrong target
Wrong procedure
3 2014 Head and neck 60/M 20 20/F Caucasian yes PTC right 8 5 Thyroidectomy Paratracheal lymphnodes removal O No No No Lymph nodes 130 2 Not known Malignant Wrong target Yes
4 2002 General Surgery 52/M Not known 41/F Caucasian Yes Toxic goiter Bilateral 30 34 Total thyroidectomy Removal of thymic tissue O No No No Thymic tissue 60 3 No Benign Wrong target No
5 2019 General Surgery 55/M 10 17/F Caucasian No Bethesda V Right 15 23 Total Thyroidectomy Removal of thymic tissue + central LN O No No No Thymic tissue + central LN 80 2 No Malignant Wrong target
Wrong procedure
  1. F female, M male, E endoscopic, R robotic, Min minincision (< 3 cm), O open surgery, MG magnify glasses, FS frozen section, IONM intraoperative neural monitoring, ^ No. of surgeons surgeons in the operating room, OR operative room, LN lymph nodes