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Table 1 Intraoperative appearances of acute appendicitis [12]

From: Appendicitis during the COVID-19 pandemic: lessons learnt from a district general hospital

Non-complicated Acute Appendicitis
 Grade 0—Normal looking appendix (Endoappendicitis/Periappendicitis)
 Grade 1—Inflamed appendix (Hyperemia, oedema ± fibrin without or little pericolic fluid)
Complicated Acute Appendicitis
 Grade 2—Necrosis
 Grade 2A—Segmental necrosis (without or little pericolic fluid)
 Grade 2B—Base necrosis (without or little pericolic fluid)
 Grade 3—Inflammatory Tumour
 Grade 3A—Flegmom
 Grade 3B—Abscess < 5 cm without peritoneal free air
 Grade 3C—Abscess > 5 cm without peritoneal free air
 Grade 4—Perforated—diffuse peritonitis with or without peritoneal free air