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Table 1 Simplified accelerated postoperative recovery program (SARP)

From: Conditions associated with worse acceptance of a simplified accelerated recovery after surgery protocol in laparoscopic colorectal surgery

1. Removal of the nasogastric catheter prior to extubation
2. Restricted liquid diet approximately 8 h postoperatively, soft diet on the 1st POD, and free diet on the 2nd POD
3. Suspension of serum therapy on the 1st POD, with maintenance of the salinized venous catheter
4. Early mobilization, starting 6–8 h postoperatively, with assistance of the physiotherapy team
5. Food quantification performed by the nutrition team
6. Removal of the urinary catheter within 24 h postoperatively
7. Removal of abdominal drains within 48 h postoperatively