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Table 2 Characteristics of future recurrent and control lesions used for the video reviews

From: Insufficiency of prosthetic posterolateral overlap related to recurrence after laparoscopic transabdominal preperitoneal inguinal hernioplasty, as assessed by video review

 Future recurrent
(n = 13)
(n = 28)
Gender, male:female13:028:0 
Age (years)63.8 ± 11.862.5 ± 15.00.847*
Operation time (min)117 (65–158)122 (60–324)0.294†
Laterality, Lt.: Rt.5:810:181.000
JHS type, I: II7:616:121.000
JHS type, Primary: Recurrence10:326:20.304
Surgeon’s experience (cases)12.5 (1–72)10.0 (1–73)0.897†
  1. *Student’s t-test, †Mann-Whitney U Test, Fisher’s exact test
  2. JHS Japan Hernia Society.