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Table 1 The gene mutations detected via NGS in the patient with RDD

From: An extremely rare case of Rosai-Dorfman disease in the spleen

Gene Mutation Mutation abundance (%)
ATM Exon16, c.2462delG, p.S821fs 13.95
  Exon26, c.3805A>C, p.K1269Q 14.80
NFKBIA Exon6, c.946A>G, p.T316A 11.85
FAT1 Exon8, c.4516C>T, p.R1506C 14.81
MLH1 Exon13, c.1467A>C, p.E489D 13.87
CUL3 Exon4, c.382C>G, p.R128G 11.71
RPTOR Intron19, c.2252+5G>C 12.42