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Table 2 Volumetry data and functional assessment of liver

From: Central hepatopancreatoduodenectomy—oncological effectiveness and parenchymal sparing option for diffusely spreading bile duct cancer: report of two cases

Case TLV (ml) FLR in left trisegmentectomy (ml/% of TLV) FLR in right trisegmentectomy (ml/% of TLV) FLR in central hepatectomy (ml/% of TLV) Parenchymal sparing achieved (ml/% of TLV)
1 1055 172/16.3% 193/18.2% 764/72.4% 581/55.1%
2 1629 499/30.7% 318/19.5% 817/50.2% 408/25.0%
  1. TLV total liver volume, FLR future liver remnant