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Table 1 Results of the multivariate regression analysis of risk factors for EPC of the lower and upper endplate revealed only one significant parameter: anchor localization in superior endplate

From: Incidence and clinical impact of vertebral endplate changes after limited lumbar microdiscectomy and implantation of a bone-anchored annular closure device

Multivariate regression analysis p-value
Sex (effect of male) 0.4502
Smoker 0.1487
Age 0.6961
Anchor localization (superior) 0.0380
Heavy lifting 0.2494
Amount of disc material removed 0.8110
Size of defect 0.5105
Preoperative disc height 0.6468
Postoperative Pfirrmann score 0.8367
Postoperative Modic score 0.7446
  1. EPC endplate changes