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Table 2 Literature review

From: A giant floating thrombus in the ascending aorta: a case report

Author et al Year Age Gender Location Symptom Treatment
Schattner et al. [14] 2016 72 M Proximal descending aorta Multiple splenic infarcts Surgery and anticoagulant
Pang et al. [15] 2016 49 M Distal ascending aorta Renal infarction Surgery and anticoagulant
Keraliya et al. [16] 2016 22 M Aortic root Myocardial infarction Anticoagulation therapy
Teranishi et al. [8] 2016 61 M Ascending aorta Gallbladder, superior mesenteric artery, and both renal arteries embolism Surgery and anticoagulant
Siani et al. [17] 2016 62 F Descending thoracic aorta Bilateral lower limb embolism Endovascular treatment and anticoagulant
Weiss et al. [18] 2016 71 F Aortic arch Left brachial artery embolism Surgery and anticoagulant
2016 51 F Aortic arch Infrarenal aorta embolism and paraplegia Surgery and anticoagulant
2016 59 F Aortic arch Superior mesenteric artery embolism Surgery and anticoagulant
2016 47 M Aortic arch Acute chest pain Anticoagulant
2016 48 F Aortic arch Left middle and anterior cerebral artery embolism Surgery
2016 77 F Aortic arch Left subclavian artery embolism Anticoagulant
2016 55 F Aortic arch Right femoral bifurcation embolism Surgery and anticoagulant
2016 57 F Aortic arch Left subclavian and brachial artery embolism Surgery and anticoagulant
2016 50 M Aortic arch Asymptomatic Anticoagulant
2016 82 F Aortic arch Subtotal occlusion of all supra-aortic vessels embolism Endovascular treatment
Poon et al. [19] 2017 41 M Ascending aorta Lower abdominal pain Surgery
Luetkens et al. [20] 2017 86 F Ascending aorta Dyspnea and severe sepsis Unknown
Ozaki et al. [9] 2017 37 M Ascending aorta Acute myocardial infarction Surgery and anticoagulant
Auer et al. [10] 2017 89 M Ascending aorta Chest pain and right sided hemianopsia Anticoagulant
Maat et al. [21] 2017 48 M Ascending aorta Right renal embolism Surgery and anticoagulant
Yang et al. [3] 2017 47 M Ascending aorta Superior mesenteric artery embolism Surgery
2017 62 M Aortic isthmus Splenic infarctions Anticoagulant
2017 73 M Aortic isthmus Chest pain Anticoagulant
2017 18 M Thoracic aortic stent Asymptomatic Anticoagulant
2017 56 F Junction of stent body and iliac limbs Asymptomatic Observation
Avelino et al. [22] 2017 32 F Distal aortic arch Liver, pancreas, left kidney and spleen infarctions Surgery
Kandemirli et al. [23] 2018 48 F Extending from the aortic arch into the superior mesenteric artery Superior mesenteric artery embolism Surgery
Toyama et al. [11] 2018 72 M Ascending aorta Pulmonary embolism Anticoagulant
Tigkiropoulos et al. [24] 2018 52 F Aortic arch Left lower extremity embolism Anticoagulant and surgery
Sosa et al. [25] 2018 68 M Descending thoracic aorta Splenic and renal infarctions Anticoagulant
Campanile et al. [26] 2019 63 F Ascending aorta Myocardial infarction and left upper limb ischemic Surgery
Wang et al. [13] 2019 56 M Ascending aorta Asymptomatic Surgery and anticoagulant
Dalal et al. [27] 2020 73 F Distal ascending aorta Chest pain and left leg claudication Surgery
Gueldich et al. [28] 2020 43 F Distal ascending aorta Left upper limb recurrent acute ischaemia Surgery
2020 63 F Ascending aorta Left upper limb acute ischaemia, splenic infarctions and embolism of the right renal artery Surgery