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Table 2 Univariate and multivariate Logistic regression analysis

From: Efficacy and factors affecting the choice of enucleation and liver resection for giant hemangioma: a retrospective propensity score-matched study

Factors included Univariate Logistic Multivariate logistic
O^R 95% CI O^R 95% CI
Proximal to the major vessels 1.724 1.020–2.912 1.599 0.869–2.940
Centrally located lesions 0.133 0.073–0.240 0.131 0.070–0.244
Tumors size > 12.1 cm 0.253 0.140–0.456 0.226 0.116–0.439
Multiple tumors 2.092 1.225–3.572 1.860 1.003–3.449
  1. EN was taken as the experimental group and LR as the control group. Proximal to the major vessels, centrally located, tumor size > 12.1 cm and multiple tumors were taken as independent variables or exposure factors. OR was equal to the ratio of exposure to non-exposure in EN group divided by the ratio of exposure to non-exposure in LR group