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Table 1 Summary of the demographic and clinical data of the patients

From: The use of ultrasound to locate a tethered surgical drain: a novel way to achieve fast removal

  Patient 1 Patient 2 Patient 3
Age 55 31 48
Gender Male Female Male
Diagnosis Comminuted proximal fracture of the right femur The second lumbar vertebra fracture Distal femoral fracture
Surgery Intramedullary nailing fixation Pedicle screw fixation Open reduction and internal fixation
Length of drain 20 cm 12 cm 20 cm
Sutured site from the proximal end 3 cm 4 cm 15 cm
operation time 15 min 5 min 5 min
Length of the incisions reopened 3 cm 2 cm 2 cm
Complications No No No
Follow-up 10 months 6 months 2 months