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Table 2 IPTW-weighted logistic regression predicting prolonged opioid prescription in opioid-naive patients undergoing radical prostatectomy, partial colectomy or hysterectomy

From: Association of surgical approach and prolonged opioid prescriptions in patients undergoing major pelvic cancer procedures

  Radical prostatectomy Partial colectomy Hysterectomy
OR 95%-CI p-value OR 95%-CI p-value OR 95%-CI p-value
Open Ref.    Ref.    Ref.   
MIS 0.737 0.595–0.914 0.006 0.728 0.600–0.882 0.001 0.655 0.466–0.920 0.015
  1. Weighted for: Year, Age, Sex, Elixhauser Comorbidity, Geographic region, Residence, Health Plan, Mental Health Disorders, Colostomy, Low Anterior Resection
  2. Abbreviations: MIS minimally invasive surgery, OR Odds ratio, 95%-CI 95% Confidence Interval, Ref. Reference