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Table 1 Laboratory data on presentation

From: INTRABEAM intraoperative radiotherapy combined with portal vein infusion chemotherapy for treating hepatocellular carcinoma with portal vein tumor thrombus

Variable Values
Hemoglobin (g/dl) 11.7
Hematocrit (%) 38.4
White cell count (per mm3) 5500
Differential count (%)
 Neutrophils 56.5
 Lymphocytes 26.0
Platelet count (per mm3) 163,000
Red cell count (per mm3) 3,700,000
Mean corpuscular volume (fl) 96
Sodium (mmol/liter) 142.7
Potassium (mmol/liter) 2.72
Chloride (mmol/liter) 107.1
Calcium (mg/dl) 2.21
Glucose (mmol/liter) 4.82
Urea nitrogen (mmol/liter) 3.29
Creatinine (umol/liter) 83.3
Protein total (g/dl) 6.29
Albumin (g/liter) 35.5
Alanine aminotransferase (U/liter) 51
Aspartate aminotransferase (U/liter) 96
Bilirubin total (umol/liter) 27.3
Lactate dehydrogenase (U/liter) 188
Urine analysis Normal
Serology for toxoplasmosis, herpes virus, CMV, EBV, rubella Negative
AFP (ug/liter) 337.83