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Table 1 Assessment schedule

From: Minimally invasive right colectomy anastomosis study (MIRCAST): protocol for an observational cohort study of surgical complications using four surgical techniques for anastomosis in patients with a right colon tumor

  Baseline Procedure Discharge 30 days ±7 days 90 days ±14 days 1 year ±30 days 2 years ±30 days Unscheduled visit
Informed consent X        
Demographics and medical history X        
Procedure details   X       
SIRS (CRP) Optional: PCT   X       
Pathology     X     
CT scan/PET scanc X      X X  
Complications   Xa Xa Xa Xa Xa Xa Xa
Quality of life: EQOL X     X X   
Study exit forms        Xb  
  1. aComplete if applicable; bcomplete when lost to follow-up, consent withdrawal or subject has completed all study related visits; cCT scan results will be collected if done per the sites standard protocol: every 6 months for malignant disease; after at least 1 year to assess hernia in benign disease. CRP C-reactive protein (collected at days 1 and 3 postoperative); CT computerized tomography, PCT procalcitonin (optional, collected at days 1, 3, 5 postoperative); PET positron emission tomography, SIRS systemic inflammatory response syndrome