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Table 1 Reports of thoracic impalement injuries in children

From: Two lucky survivors of thoracic impalement in childhood: case report and literature review

Author/yearcountryAgeSexImpaling objectMechanism of injuryInjured organsSurgical Approachoutcome
Asch, 1974 [15]USA8 yearMRadio aerialFell off garage roofPassed mediastinum, Subclavian vessels compressedSternotomy, Thoracotomy, supraclavicularuneventful
Massad 2002 [16]USA16 yearMicepickStreet fightRight VentricleThoracotomyuneventful
Edwin 2009 [7]Ghana18 yearMGun barrelFaulty rifle recoilRight lungThoracotomyuneventful
Edwin 2009 [7]Ghana17 yearFUmbrella spokeAssaultAortic injury- pseudoaneurysmThoracotomyUneventful
Riggle 2010 [3]USA15 monthsFknitting needlefell off her car seatRight lungThoracotomyuneventful
Gettig 2015
USA4 yearFknitting needlefell off couchpassed mediastinum without injurySternotomyuneventful
2015 [17]
USA2 yearFnailSelf-inflictedRight ventricleSternotomyuneventful
Our reportEthiopia7 yearMWooden branchfell off a treePassed mediastinum- Right and left lungLocal explorationuneventful
Our reportEthiopia12 yearsMWooden branchfell off a CarriageLeft lung, diaphragmthoracotomyuneventful