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Table 3 Outcome comparisons between quilting and conventional suture groups

From: Quilting suture is better than conventional suture with drain in preventing seroma formation at pectoral area after mastectomy

  Conventional suture n = 119Quilting suture n = 116P value
Hospital stay after surgery (days)Mean (SD)7.8 (1.0)7.8 (1.0)0.930
Time for suture (seconds)Mean (SD)109.1 (9.1)504.7 (102.6)< 0.001
Drain volume (ml)Mean (SD)520.5 (84.3)374.9 (57.1)< 0.001
  1. SD Standard deviation; Continuous variables used t test or Wilcoxon rank-sum test
  2. Quilting suture was significantly associated with longer time of surgery procedure and less volume of drainage compared with that of conventional suture (p < 0.001 both).