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Table 1 Difficulty scoring system by Halls et al. [26] at a glance

From: The external validation of a difficulty scoring system for predicting the risk of intraoperative complications during laparoscopic liver resection

Risk factor and assigned points
Risk factorRisk factor categoryPoints assigned
Neoadjuvant chemotherapyNo neoadjuvant chemotherapy0
Previous open liver resectionNo0
Lesion typeBenign0
Lesion size (cm)<  30
> 53
Classification of resectionMinor0
Technically major2
Anatomically major4
Points translated into difficulty scores
Difficulty scores0–23–56–910–15
Difficulty levelsLowModerateHighExtremely high
Probability of IOC< 10%10–20%20–50%> 50%
  1. IOC intraoperative complication