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Table 3 Independent predictors of overall postoperative complications and unplanned readmissions following single-level spine percutaneous kyphoplasty treated by neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons

From: Spine surgeon specialty differences in single-level percutaneous kyphoplasty

Surgeon SpecialtyIndependent PredictorsOdds ratio95% Confidence IntervalP value*C-statistic
Overall Postoperative Complication
NCInpatients vs. Outpatients1.8741.2162.8890.0040.7005
Dependent vs. Independent2.4181.4244.1070.001
Disseminated cancer2.7431.5114.9790.001
Weight loss > 10% in 6 months3.8671.38710.7800.01
OCInpatients vs. Outpatients3.1871.9685.159< 0.0010.7559
Systemic sepsis3.6881.3659.9640.01
Operative duration1.0101.0041.0160.001
Unplanned Readmission
Disseminated cancer2.1601.1683.9940.014
Preoperative blood transfusion7.9191.92232.6320.004
Steroid use for chronic disorder2.2031.3523.5890.002
OCInpatients vs. Outpatients2.1871.3563.5270.0010.7175
Urinary system disorder3.7281.06113.0940.04
Lumbar vs. Thoracic Region0.5940.3700.9530.031
ASA 3 or 4 vs. ASA 1 or 22.1391.0204.4860.044
  1. NC neurosurgical cohort, OC orthopedic cohort, ASA American Society of Anesthesiologists class
  2. *Significance, P ≤ 0.05