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Table 1 Opoku Classification for pectoralis flap configuration for SCJ defect reconstruction

From: Surgical configurations of the pectoralis major flap for reconstruction of sternoclavicular defects: a systematic review and new classification of described techniques

Classification Description Blood supply to flap Example of flap
Type 1 Whole muscle advancement   
  With or without release of humeral attachment TAA Munoz et al. Opoku et al.
Type 2 Split muscle flap   
A Advancement TAA Zehr et al.
B rotated Internal mammary perforators Song et al.
Type 3 Islandized clavicular head flap   
A Based on TAA Whole TAA, distal TAA sacrificed Schulman et al.
B Based on deltoid branch of TAA Deltoid branch of TAA Mufarrej et al.