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Table 2 Clinical features and time of absorption after PTX

From: Effects of parathyroidectomy on tumoral calcinosis in uremic patients with secondary hyperparathyroidism

NO Group TC duration Time of absorption Location Operation method Follow up
4 A 6 months 1 months RE RK LS PTX 11 months
5 A 6 months 4 months RS ST PTX 41 months
6 A 5 months 3 months LF RS PTX 19 months
8 A 6 months 3 months LB PTX 28 months
9 A 6 months 2 months RB PTX 45 months
1 B 8 months unabsorbed RB PTX 14 months
2 B 9 months unabsorbed LB RS RT PTX + surgical excision 29 months
3 B 10 months unabsorbed RB PTX 15 months
  1. Abbreviation: PTX parathyroidectomy, RE right elbow, RK right knee, LS left shoulder, RS right shoulder, ST the sternum, LB left buttock, LF Left forearm, RB right buttock, LB left buttock, RS right shoulder, RT right thigh