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Table 1 CERT checklist from EFIBAR study exercise programme

From: Supervised exercise following bariatric surgery in morbid obese adults: CERT-based exercise study protocol of the EFIBAR randomised controlled trial

  Item Checklist Item Identification (section)
WHAT: materials 1 Detailed description of the type of exercise equipment Additional file 1: Table S1
WHO: provider 2 Detailed description of the qualifications, expertise and/or training Exercise programme characteristics
HOW: delivery 3 Describe whether exercises are performed individually or in a group Exercise programme characteristics
4 Describe whether exercises are supervised or unsupervised; how they are delivered Exercise programme characteristics
5 Detailed description of how adherence to exercise is measured and reported Programme adherence
Tally sheet/daily control (Additional file 3: Table S3)
6 Detailed description of motivation strategies 16 reinforcement WhatsApp messages / every Friday (Additional file 3)
4 reinforcement videos / end of every month (Additional file 3)
7a Detailed description of the decision rule(s) for determining exercise progression Doses: Training load/intensity
7b Detailed description of how the exercise programme was progressed Doses: Training load/intensity
8 Detailed description of each exercise to enable replication Additional file 2: Table S2
9 Detailed description of any home programme component Programme adherence
10 Describe whether there are any non-exercise components Exercise programme rationale
11 Describe the type and number of adverse events that occur during exercise Tally sheet/daily control (Additional file 3: Table S3)
WHERE: location 12 Describe the setting in which the exercises are performed Exercise programme characteristics
WHEN, HOW MUCH: dosage 13 Detailed description of the exercise intervention Weekly volume
TAILORING: what, how 14a Describe whether the exercises are generic (one size fits all) or tailored Sessions structure and exercises
14b Detailed description of how exercises are tailored to the individual Sessions structure and exercises
15 Describe the decision rule for determining the starting level Sessions structure and exercises
HOW WELL: planned, actual 16a Describe how adherence or fidelity is assessed/measured Programme adherence
Tally sheet/daily control (Additional file 3: Table S3)
16b Describe the extent to which the intervention was delivered as planned Tally sheet/daily control (Additional file 3: Table S3)