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Table 3 Causes of reoperation in laparoscopic and open group

From: The role of the laparoscopic approach in the surgical management of acute adhesive small bowel obstruction

Causes ITT Laparoscopy
n = 5
n = 16
Haemorrhage 1 (a)(b) 2 (a) (c)
Evisceration 1 4 (a)
Anastomotic leak 3 (a)
Missed bowel injury 1 2
Intraabdominal abscess 1 2
Surgical Wound Infection 1
Early adhesions recurrence 1 2
  1. ITT intention to treat
  2. (a) Death of a patient
  3. (b) Haemorrhage of the epigastric artery due to a paracentesis in a cirrhotic patient
  4. (c)One subcutaneous bleeding(a) and one bladder haemorrhage in patient with a iatrogenic ureter injury