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Table 1 Reports of idiopathic omental hemorrhag

From: Spontaneous omental bleeding: a case report and literature review

First of author Year Coutry F/M Age Chief complaint Post medical history Diagnostic procedure Treatment
Kroot EJ [7] 2003 Netherlands M 70y Abdominal pain NA CT Surgery
Finely DS [5] 2005 USA M 41y Abdominal pain
Difficulty seeing
Alcoholic cirrhosis (took a unkonwn dose of sidenafi) Hemoglobin drop Ligate the omental varix
Ohno T [10] 2005 Japan M 27y Intermittent abdominal pain Surgery for cryptorchidism CT Partial omentalectomy
Jadav M [6] 2004 USA M 60y Acute abdominal pain
Nausea,voimiting and diarrha
Hypertension laparotomy Surgery
Nagaba Y [9] 2005 Japan M 64y Acute abdominal pain hemorrhagic shock Autosomal-dominant polycystic kidney disease CT TAE
Tsuchiya R [12] 2009 Japan M 58y abdominal pain NA CT TAE
Matsumoto T [8] 2010 Japan M 25y Abdominal pain NA CT TAE
Henry D [13] 2012 USA F 24y malaise, myalgias, and fatigue NA laparotomy Surgery
Takahashi M [11] 2012 Japan M 27y abdominal pain.
temporary loss of consciousness
Cheng VE [4] 2014 Australia M 68y acutely hypotensive with severe left sided abdominal pain Inferior STEMI
ticagrelor and aspirin
CT Partial omentectomy
Aumann V [14] 2016 Germany M 20 NA Hemophilia A NA Surgery
Kimura J [15] 2016 Japan M 29 Abdominal pain NA CT Partial omentectomy
  1. NA not avaliable, CT computer tomography, TAE transcatheter arterial embolization