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Table 1 Materials used for angiography and TAE

From: Prognostic factors in endovascular treated pelvic haemorrhage after blunt trauma

Embolic agents Manufacturer Product Structure Size n
Coils Boston Scientific Corp. IDC™ Interlocking Detachable Coils nf Micro 40
Interlock™ - 18 Fibered IDC™ Occlusion System f Micro 4
Interlock™ Coils f Micro 65
Interlock™ - 35 Fibered IDC™ Occlusion System f Macro 4
COOK® Medical Detach-11™ Detach Embolization Coil System nf Micro 98
Detach-18® Detach Embolization Coil System nf Micro 12
“MWCE” Embolization Coil f both 3a/29b
ABC Embolization Microcoils™ f Micro 7
MReye® Embolization Coils (“0.035”) f Macro 174
Hilal Embolization Microcoils™ f Micro 154
MicroVention, Inc. MicroPlex® Coil System nf Micro 104
MicroTherapeutics, Inc. “KA” family nf Micro 4
“KB” family nf Micro 1
“KD” family nf Micro 41
“J” family nf Micro 11
Topaz family nf Micro 12
Dendron family nf Micro 6
Not identified coils - - - 99
Particles Boston Scientific Corp. Contour™ PVA particles - - 52
Nycomed Amersham plc Ultra Drivalon PVA particles - - 5
BTG plc BeadBlock® Embolic Device - - 1
Not identified particles - - - 4
Acrylic Glues Ethicon, Inc. Ethibloc® - - 16
GEM s.r.l Lipiodol-Glubran 2® - - 1
Not identified Lipiodol (only) - - 3
  Boston Scientific Corp. FastTracker™ Microcatheter family    
Mustang™ Over-The-Wire Balloon Dilatation Catheter    
Renegade™ HI-FLO™ Microcatheter    
Renegade™ STC 18 Microcatheter    
Medi-Tech, Inc. Occlusion Balloon Catheter    
Target Therapeutics, Inc. Coil Pusher-10    
Coil Pusher-14    
Coil Pusher-16    
Coil Pusher-18    
TurboTracker-18 Infusion Catheter    
Codman & Shurtleff, Inc. Prowler® Select® LP ES    
Cordis® STABILIZER® Balance Performance Steerable Guidwire    
COOK® Medical D.A.S.H.® Extractor Catheter    
Flexor® Introducer with small Check-Flo® Valve    
MicroFerret® - 18 Zeta Infusion Catheter    
ev3™ Inc. Silverspeed™ Hydrophilic Guidewire “SilverSpeed-14”    
X-Pedion™ Hydrophilic Guidewire “X-Pedion 14”    
St. Jude Medical™, Inc. AMPLATZER Vascular Plug II    
  1. TAE Tansarterial embolization
  2. aMicrocoils
  3. bMacrocoils