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Table 2 Characteristics of “symptomatic patients” with lesions originating from duodenal PH or symptoms due to duodenal PH (n = 11)

From: Clinical impact of duodenal pancreatic heterotopia – Is there a need for surgical treatment?

Type of duodenal PH (according to Heinrich) Age (mean) Sex (m/f) Operation Clinical presentation and symptomsa Histology
Type 1 n = 6 58.6 years
3xWhipple; 3xPPPD 3xduodenal stenosis; 4xepigastric pain; 1xnausea/vomiting; 1xobstructive jaundice; 1xweigth loss; 1xpseudocysts 3xCP in PH; 2xPDAC in PH;
1× PH in duodenal wall
Type 2 n = 4 47.8 years
2xpartial duodenal resection;
1xWhipple; 1xPPPD
3xduodenal stenosis; 3xepigastric pain; 1xNausea/vomiting;
1xobstructive jaundice; 1xpseudocysts
1× PH in duodenal wall; 3xCP in PH
Type 3 n = 1 47.0 years male PPPD recurrent epigastric pain CP in PH
  1. amultiple answers possible
  2. PDAC pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma, CP chronic pancreatitis, PH pancreatic heterotopia