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Table 3 Main findings of recent literature: all patients had thoracic esophageal cancer and were treated with esophagectomy without neoadjuvant therapy

From: Nodal skip metastasis in thoracic esophageal squamous cell carcinoma: a cohort study

First author and year Country Histotype Node dissection N pts. with LNM NSM rate Predictors of NSM Effect of NSM on OS Effect of NSM on DFS
Zhu, 2013 a[13] China ESCC 3-field 207 28% Tumor location (middle esophagus) Similar prognosis Not evaluated
Li, 2013 b [14] China Superficial ESCC 2-field/3-field 49 40.8% Not evaluated Not evaluated Not evaluated
Wu, 2012 b c [15] China Middle thoracic ESCC 2-field/3-field 33 24.2% to 69.7% d Not evaluated Similar prognosis Not evaluated
Xu, 2011 a[16] China ESCC Not reported 38 76.3% Not evaluated Similar prognosis Not evaluated
Prenzel, 2010 c [17] Germany EAC/ESCC 2-field 128 20.3% Tumor location (middle/upper esophagus) and T1 stage Better prognosis Not evaluated
Chen, 2009 a [18] China ESCC 3-field 1081 73.6% Tumor location (middle/lower esophagus) Not evaluated Not evaluated
  1. LNM lymph node metastasis, NSM nodal skip metastasis, OS overall survival, DFS disease free survival, ESCC esophageal squamous cell carcinoma, EAC esophageal adenocarcinoma. aNSM defined as metastatic involvement of distant LNs with peritumoral LNs free of tumor infiltration. bNSM defined as cervical and/or abdominal involvement but no mediastinal metastasis. cNSM defined as metastatic infiltration of N2 through N4 lymph nodes but not of N1 nodes according to the Japanese staging system of the Japanese Society for Esophageal Disease. dAccording to the different definitions evaluated in the study